Video: Justin Bieber is Miley Cyrus’ #1 Fan #SNL Skit 2013


Justin Bieber on SNL Skit “Miley Cyrus Show” (2013)

“Miley Cyrus you are my favorite singer of all time — better than that douche Justin Bieber”

Watch Justin on SNL Full Episode (2013)
Watch Miley dissing Justin on SNL (2011)

Do you think he’s a good actor? :)
Watch the video:

  1. I think he could definitely do a comedy or action movie. That short clip in Believe concert [chased by paps]and this performance on SNL as well as earlier videos show it

  2. hey hey hey hey hey that,s not justin ok i know n that,s not miley
    how it can be see them with full concentrate n tell that it,s justin or not ok
    i love u justin

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