DON’T WATCH GRAMMY, Watch Justin Bieber LIVE STREAM Chat (Feb10 8PM EST)

“I’m gonna do an hour live video stream tomorrow at 8 est I’m gonna play some new music and answer questions send this to ur friend 🙂 “

Where: live stream
When: 8PM EST (Newyork time)

UPDATE 8:05PM EST: LIVE STREAM isn’t working 🙁

From @justinbieber:

Livestream is over capacity it not letting me in the room give me a second lol.

Alright so livestream isnt working.. soo im gonna figure something out.

Since nothing is working and im super upset i feel i gotta make it up to u. i should post a new song on twitter so you can still be excited.

  1. Diana♥JB&1D
  2. Alizsun
  3. oxBelieberxo
  4. Sara
  5. mrs.bieber0815
  6. Xavier Jackson
  7. oxBelieberxo
  8. ivan
  9. $$$belieber ***forever$$$
  10. Priya
    • Bri
    • JBFanForever
  11. BBB.Belieberxxx
  12. Fill_cute_belieber
  13. karrissa
  14. Real Alisha
  15. @Jwebster-bieber24
  16. Annisa Fitrianti Dwi
  17. Yvon
  18. Truebelieber
  19. ivan
  20. Xavier Jackson
  21. jen
  22. Xavier Jackson
  23. proudbelieber
  24. sofie
  25. ivan
    • Jaz
    • me luv bieber
  26. jen
  27. Desss
  28. jen
  29. kahani
  30. jen

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