Justin Bieber SNL Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes


Behind the scenes photoshoot with SNL.
Watch Justin on SNL – Feb 9, 11:30 PM/10:30C on NBC.

    • I could go JB live on SNL bcuz its less than 2hrs away where i live so………….i wish i could but cant i already had a plan to go and it was a very good one but something always blcoking my way from having me meeting my one & only idol Justin Bieber as us Beliebers we know as #Kidrahul! Kidrahul, i love u if just wanna find a better way just to see your face “Baby I would, Baby I would…… If I could find a better to make your day Baby I would, Baby I would…..”!

  1. yey!!!!!! just so dashing sexy……….MY buoy likes to be a model HE looks so better than u He’s got more swagger than u do lol LOVE U JB

  2. *-* Looks at Justin once then twice BOOM DEAD!

    Justin: I killed girls with my sexyness
    Justin: No not realy, bcuz that would mean i would have killed 1,000000000 girls. :D xD luv u justin!!

  3. what can i say im not surprise hes HAWWT ;) !! i will give 255264154 pennie lmao ! just to meet his cute swagged sexy gorgeous beyond everything beautiful sexy self ;)
    i love him he be my idol <3 once a belieber always a belieber<3 SINCE THE BEGINNING <3 i love him i be going on this website EVERY DAY cause i care and i love him <3 so yea check out that Believe Acoustics its amazing !!
    soo yeah BELIEVE ACOUSTICS IS THE SHIT <33 i love it i be ~~jamming to it right now~~<33 ~~JB~~

  4. i love yuh so much i am a big fan yu mi man all day i will always stick by yuhr side yuh always inspire people like me <3 justin bieber amazed alot of little kids to grown ups every one likes his looks music n stuff well he is the stuff not no one else so bye-bye

  5. wow justin that,s amazing pic
    u r really hoty n also sexy i love u justin i really really really love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. He looks great in that type of clothes. I hope he dresses like that more often rather than in the oversize baggies sinking halfway down his underwear. He could also be a male model easily.

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