Justin Bieber SNL Promo #2


Justin Bieber will be hosting and performing on SNL on February 9th! 11:30 PM/10:30C LIVE on NBC.

    • Justin, we all know that Nemo is here but it does not really matter bcuz u will do a show that no one will ever forget! Justin i love u! :) :)
      Its gonna be epic thats only if i got tickets! :( :( But 1 more thing how am i gonna watch this live if i cant watch tv!………plze dont ask y i cant watch tv! i hope they put on Youtube or something! Justin, i thought about u through out the whole day “Because im in love with Thought of You with the things u do………!” Your show is gonna be great! I just wish i could be there right by ur side! Justin, i love u!

  1. i am sure the tape of the show will be on u-tube or elsewhere in the internet if you guys have a local blackout due to the storm.

  2. On tomorrow. Damn. I’ve been ready for… let’s see, I was ready on the Tuesday I found out, so… yeah, a month. But now it’s almost time, so I’m pretty frickin’ excited. I hope everyone’s OK through that snowstorm that’s supposed to be coming. If you black out, don’t worry. It’s gonna be on Youtube, I know it. People put everything on there. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. So again, I hope everyone will be safe in that, and keep on being ready. ;)

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