Justin Bieber Was NOT Invited by Grammys, Usher Unaware!

Justin Bieber and Usher at the Billboard Music Awards 2012

Justin Bieber and Usher at the Billboard Music Awards 2012

Usher says he thought it was “crazy” that Justin Bieber was not invited to Grammy Awards ceremony. In fact, he did not know about the slight.

Usher tells Zap2It:

“For whatever reason that he wasn’t, I think that would be crazy to not be invited. If he was not invited, he wouldn’t be the first.”

Plus, he adds that maybe he was invited and had “other priorities at the same time.” Although this seems unlikely since Justin attempted to counter-program the Grammys with a livestream for the beliebers.

Usher admits he doesn’t know:

“I don’t know you could assume that was strategic, to make a statement. I don’t know.”

Usher himself did not attend this year’s awards due to a function at his son’s school, but he did take the stage perform the night before at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party.

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