Justin Bieber’s Mystery Brunette: Ella-Paige is an “Ambitious Singer”


After speculation continues over the identity of the brunette girl — the MailOnline can reveal she is an 17-year-old ambitious singer from Norfolk who friends said was ‘determined to become famous’.

A source told MailOnline: “Since she was at school she always wanted to be famous. The weird thing is she has worked so hard but just being seen with Justin Bieber is probably going to make her career.”

She tweeted: ‘Might turn off my phone for the day I am stressed.’

Ella-Paige is from Norfolk and had moved to London and spent time in LA modelling.

It is unclear how she met Justin, who split from long-term lady-love Selena Gomez in New Year but rumors JELENA may have mutual friends have surfaced.

A source, who went to community college in London with the model, said Ella-Paige may have met Justin through her mother who is reportedly seasoned photographer with contacts in the record industry.

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