Listen: Justin Bieber Murder Plot Phone Calls (AUDIO)


In December it was reported that Justin was the target of a foiled murder plot, and now new details about the plan have emerged with audio tapes of the phone calls.

Listen here:

In the clips released by KOAT, Martin tells Ruane … “[Mark's] going to kill the pit bulls and you’re going to castrate them.”

According to police, “pit bulls” was the code word for Justin Bieber and his bodyguard.

As previously reported, the murders were supposed to go down in New York City soon after this telephone call took place … while Justin was in town performing at MSG. detail here.

  1. WTF, why would anyone do that. Justin did nothin to them so WHY would they try to kill him. They can’t just say ” oi bro, I don’t like you so I’m gonna kill ya and ya bodyguard”. That’s just dog and Justin does not deserve such a thing. F*** you bro you deserve to go to gaol and die with a knife jabbed in your gut and a chop stick shoved up your ass.

  2. hey justin plz take care of your self
    i don,t know how they think about it they r not nyc justin plz stay away from the pplz like this plz justin
    if u will not live so how can i i will kill the if anyone will hurt u know plz leave him alone he is also a human not a animal so that u can o anything with him n at anytime i hate them so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    plz justin my juju my biebs plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz take care of u my justin i love u justin i love u sooooooooooooooooooo much

  3. Creepy!
    So, all the Belieber’s who sent Selena death threats……how do you feel about yourselves now? Not funny when it’s someone you like, is it?

    stay with justin to continue his life and dreams in peace , cause i cant live without him he is my life , my brain , my heart ,and my everything , forgive these bad people and let them know that what they were trying to do is wrong

    • I’m gonna cry that’s so nice but his gonna be mine.i won’t let go of him I’m gonna wate even if it takes my whole life.justin your my sole my heart be my Valentin love me as nowone els will I’m waiting just so you know this is real love I want you to be mine want you to kiss me every night hold my hand I love you il leave my family for you.

  5. wtf..

    u guys literally have mental problems…

    u are disgusting, demented individuals, who shud b locked up for the remainder of ur liveess..

    ur not normal.. lmao who thinks of stuff like this?!!

    *Clears Throat* Crazy-A** MuthaFukas like you *Coughs*


    -@iitz_ALYSSA <– followwwww

  6. They really are no different from haters who call him names and wish for him to be killed,etc on u-tube videos and blogs. That is the look of irrational hate folks!
    In ancient times, they would have been executed. Hope they are never released from jail.

    • Yes. There IS a BIG difference between these sick guys who tried to kill Justin and haters who write comments about how much they hate Justin.

  7. I remember this. Those people are demented and need to get checked in a mental rehabilitation clinic. The thing is, the guy didn’t even hate him. He was obsessed with him and was angry about something. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it had to do with Justin not responding to him. The guy even has a tattoo of him… That’s why he should really go get help. But anyway, long story short, that plan got stopped. I know that God and Jesus are watching him.

  8. Just because justin has bodyguards doesnt mean anything … anybody can have a gun and shoot Justin .not that i want that to happen but Anything happens unexpectedly .

    • If Justin dies I can’t live I’d kill my self I love him soooooo much people teens don’t know what real love is just because he’s cute you might see some one cuter and just leave him and his hart will be broken

  9. These guys are so cruel. They need to be located and taken to jail. If they mess with my Justin, I’m gonna sue them. Please God, don’t let anything happen to him :(

  10. Leave Justin Bieber alone man you wounldn’t like to be bother if was him.Also these criminals don’t have nothing better to do then just go killing other innocent people.Now these days is totaully different is not like back in the days.They need to just find something to do with their life killing is not letting you get any better,And is stupid cause if they know they going to be catch for doing these bad things then why are thet doing it in the first place if they know you going to be in jail forever.

  11. Oh hell no why they have to come to NYC we did not call them to come here to do that is not a place for criminals to go kill and robe people we have never used to have that kinds of things back in the days,The people used to go outside at night walking around or doing something not bothering nobody now we can’t be outside but now we can’t do like how we used to do anymore cause it’s not safe these days to be outside.

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  13. WHO WOULD EVERRRR WANT TO HER HIM.??? i know he has haters but they wouldn’t go and kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE you Justin <3 (even though ur not gona read it lol)

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