• Yea im pretty sure that NY do have a accent is like a strong and rough, with a deep sounding voice some might not sound like it and Some might not know that they have an accent for their self.And the drop of an R for York absolutely from British English because it sounded like Yawk when it have an R instead of an w.

  1. nop that,s also not justin ok all of u don,t u see his face his everything see that,s not justin i mean that,s not my jusin
    ok justin
    i know that its not u
    i love u justinnnnnnnn

  2. At first I didn’t recognize him.. I’m serious. I thaught It was a look-a-like at first untill I looked at his tatoo’s. I was paying attention to his face/hair, that’s why. But he’s a really good actor and looks sexy w/ that blonde hair ;) Loved the act

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