PIC: Justin Bieber Hangin and Kissin J-14 Editor Ashleyy Spencer


Justin hangin with J-14 editor — Ashleyy Spencer. More pic!


Justin kissing!

  • Emily


    • Mrs.Bieber

      Justin will never date someone that is younger than him right now. 3 more years until I can legally date him. Lol

    • Isabella Bieber

      Justin said he would date a Belieber girl that is at the age 13 or older! Ashleyy Spencer u r a lucky girl 2 get a kiss from the hottest boy of 2013, Justin Bieber! But he just came from a breakup so he wouldn’t date anyone right now at this time! I wish that i could get a kiss on da cheek but Justin’s lips on my cheek! Dimples, Justin thinks thats soft cheeks & dimples are cute! Justin & I both have soft cheeks & dimples yay! Justin, i know u know that i wanna be ur Lolly Girl……….lol……..idk! But really i want to be Justin’s Lolly Girl!

      • retarted fangirls

        Yeah there’s no chance for you and Justin. Happy upcoming Valentine’s day

      • Desss

        Gimvdating some one around 14 is HIGHLY unlikely his dating range is like 17 and up bummer though..4 yrs til i can legally date him(in my mind)

    • sarahhhh

      when i’m 25 and he’s 28 it won’t be much of a difference.

    • Jodie810

      What age is she ?

  • Turkish Belieber ♥

    Lucky editor.. ♥

  • yo


  • daughterofLordRauhl

    This is important for us to know why? Lol. But anyway, look at her smile. HAHAHAHA. I just laughed out loud at her cheesy smile.

  • Liliana

    she was a lucky woman.

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    How adorable :D

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    lucky girl

  • retarted fangirls

    It looked like she wanted to bust a cap in his butt.

    • kelsea

      You are so freakin mean. Back off of people God. Girls have dreams of meeting Justin Bieber and everything else. Let them do what they wanna do. You don’t gotta bust their bubble or anything. #Wow.

    • noone

      i would love that!


    I love you justin bieber

  • alyssagirl

    hey justin allien is in a homegroup and dreams about u get a grip dued she ove u:(
    she misses im tearing because i am alyssa norris 12 yers old i love u becuase ur hot but allien dreams about u she bought me 2 gifts form her tow from rachel and 3 from patrick. so she loves u i know all about u u like purpel english mat someday purfume
    soocer hockey bascet ball and golf u playd a bad boy…….
    in csi and like michael jackson and boys to men capetel giant P.S.this is what allien told me to let u know she love uuu that is how much she loves u

  • 1D Lover

    Lol they r just playin around u guys :-P

    • Belieber 4 life

      Eww you like 1d I only love justin bieber

  • Kailua

    Pls Valentine’s is just around the corner. Hope Justin and selena reconcile soon but slowly.

    • No Name

      yeah 2` get 2gether just to break right back up again that has got to be some kind of dating record :D

  • Aisha Shafiq

    The woman so happy , justin looks cute!!!!!!!

  • justin.adele

    justin kissed her like every belieber on M&G or … and its usual
    and he naver date with her!

    • No Name

      damn u see he takes a pic with 1 girl and all of a sudden there dating or u make predictions whether or not hes gonna date her what a hypocrite

  • Aqsa

    Justin is looking cute…..<3

  • essie j

    she’s lucky ;) lol

  • Niha bieber

    @Aisha shafiq where r u frm? indian?

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    ombbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb justin u kiss her wow
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want kiss from u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz justin kiss me also justin i love u i love u soooooooooooooooooo much i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    lucky girl !

  • Niha bieber

    Can any one tel me how old is she?

  • Niha bieber

    That should b me feeling ur kiss… baby i love u soo much.. wen r u coming to india? plz come to india.. There are lots of beliebers here too.. am sad that i cant go to foriegn countries and meet u.. if u come to india i wil b the happiest girl in d world that u kept ur leg in my land.. plz justin if u r seeing this msg plz come to india.. there are good places like hyderabad and mumbai where u can stay.. IAM IN LOVE WITH U.. I CANT IMAGINE ANY OTHER GUY AS MY BF.. LOVE U BABY..

    • Nazmeen Arif

      Hey well m too an Indian belieber. Love justin like a mad jst like u. True belieber since 4 years. Keep up the gud work baby. And plz come to India. Here u’ll get lots of belieber. Plz come once. ..

  • Mannan

    Sweety beiber,,,,,,,
    so nice,,,,,,


    hahaa she looks happy like idk wat <3

    crazy how u have tht effect on all these girls biebs <333

    me prolly being one of em <3


  • Bieberfan234

    creepy smile i want him to sign my just gettin started book!

  • destineybieber

    she is one lucky editor wish dat was me..any persin to even met him is lucky.

  • Cat

    Justin is a nice guy and he is hot and cute people that are dating him you are lucky that you have a lucky guy like him if i was older and if he would like me ill be happy but im happy with my life

  • chrissy sajtos

    hi justin bieber here is my friend his name is victoria lama and chyna sltayer we love you we want you to put more pitcure victoria is really like you keep raping my name is chrissy and i say you are super cute guy i never seen you are so hot

  • victoria lama

    I love you . can you keep singing your songs i want you to rap i love you me and my bffs love you good bye.

  • aristea

    omg kiss me justin bybe

  • aristea

    mannish boy justin bieber