PIC: Justin Bieber, Jazzy and JAxon


@justinbieber: Me and jaxo


@justinbieber: princess jazzy


@justinbieber: sweet dreams

  1. Justin and jaxon sOoooOoooo cute and sooooOooo real coz that pic lookz so ordiner.U gotta be carefull JB,jaxon will soon be u’re competicion

  2. Jazzy u’re blessed 2 have Justin as u’re fam…coz I’ve long to know him but has to be satisfy with only being a Fan…I’am so jealouis!

  3. wow justin that,s cutie i love u justin i really love u justin i really really love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my cutie pie

  4. ohh mi gosh.. jax looks like my llittle nephew!!! :)
    the ‘bieber family’ rlly is a gud-looking family!!! watch, jazzy is guna b a heartbreaker, and jax is guna b a ladies-man… <3

    they r going to b so amazing just like their older bro <3

    luv yu biebs!!


  5. Sweden is a girl 17 years old
    like you do not have your tickets for concerts
    love you much any picture you want
    know you want to meet someone
    hug camilla

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