PIC: Justin Bieber, Jazzy and JAxon


@justinbieber: Me and jaxo


@justinbieber: princess jazzy


@justinbieber: sweet dreams

61 thoughts on “PIC: Justin Bieber, Jazzy and JAxon

    1. The real biebah

      Plz trend this on twitter its a no1 trend right now
      JustinIsTheBestIdolInTheWorld :)
      Omg :)
      Plz do it :) to show justin
      We appreciate him carrying for us so much and spending 2hrs while he was on vacation with his family to upload a vid to make it up to us :) a lot of fan bases are getting jealous “lol”

  1. sastika stands for JUSTIN

    yeahh!! all the cuties with one hottie also!!!! under the same roof!!!! awww!! chocho chewwtly adorable

  2. belover

    Justin and jaxon sOoooOoooo cute and sooooOooo real coz that pic lookz so ordiner.U gotta be carefull JB,jaxon will soon be u’re competicion

  3. belover

    Jazzy u’re blessed 2 have Justin as u’re fam…coz I’ve long to know him but has to be satisfy with only being a Fan…I’am so jealouis!

  4. $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow justin that,s cutie i love u justin i really love u justin i really really love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my cutie pie


    ohh mi gosh.. jax looks like my llittle nephew!!! :)
    the ‘bieber family’ rlly is a gud-looking family!!! watch, jazzy is guna b a heartbreaker, and jax is guna b a ladies-man… <3

    they r going to b so amazing just like their older bro <3

    luv yu biebs!!


  6. camilla

    Sweden is a girl 17 years old
    like you do not have your tickets for concerts
    love you much any picture you want
    know you want to meet someone
    hug camilla


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