Producers Talk About Justin Bieber’s Transition + ‘New Generation’


Believe Acoustic producers — Da Internz — Tuo and Kosine think Justin Bieber is going about the transition in all the right ways.

Ernest “Tuo” Clark told MTV News:

“I think Justin is definitely on the verge of turning a corner. A lot of young acts have that problem transitioning from being a kid to an adult and kind of when they turn into an adult things fall off, but so far, I mean… Justin, the sky’s the limit. He’s one of the top pop dudes in the game.”

While name-dropping Justin Timberlake is the easy comparison to make, the guys shrug that off. Marcos “Kosine” Palacios said: 

“It still different though, like we’re in a new era, this is a new generation. His sound is different and he has a different personality, so I think I can appreciate the fact that he’s really kind of creating his own lane and his own destiny with what he’s doing.”

Tuo and Kosine were honored to be two of the folks taking this latest step with Justin:

“For us, this project is so huge because people know us more for our urban stuff [with Big Sean and Rihanna]. But, we, as producers, can go left to right and are versatile with our sound. So the fact that we were able to get this type of record on a Justin, Justin being the best… I remember Oprah said it’s the biggest interview since Michael Jackson. She said that in real life, so just to be a part of that and be able to bring a different sound to that project, it’s crazy.”

FYI: Da Internz produces Justin’s singles I Would and “Nothing Like Us”.

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