Rumors: Selena Gomez Spotted Leaving Justin Bieber House! Back Together?


Selena Gomez and her friend was spotted chatting with a security guard as they left Justin’s home in Los Angeles on Saturday morning — reports X17online.

Dressed in a yellow cardigan, black trousers and pink sneakers, she made quite the effort to keep her face from the cameras, instead showing off only her mousy brown locks.

Is she really Selena? A source tells X17online insisted that the woman was indeed Selena, she even headed home in one of Justin’s cars.

From X17:

“Selena looks like a young girl in love. And obviously Justin’s trying to win her back – sending her home in his car and everything – giving her the royal treatment.”

We’re very sure the photo in question is NOT Selena. It’s her cousin Priscilla @pmdeleon22 and her friend Lexi @lexisaldivar visiting Selena from Texas.

However, that guard is in the picture is the same person with Justin earlier that night. See here.





Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez News
  • biebers fan

    awesome.they are good together

    • Karla Bieber

      What if Justin and Selena tried to fool the media by saying they broke up but really did not?. I would not be surprised if they both lied about the break up.

      • I.

        That wouldn’t surprise me if they did fool the media … Awesome JELENA 4EVER!!!!!!!


    • JKJKJK

      u dont know tht they are back 2gether. they also could of fooled media

      • adrian

        I didn’t even think about that one….good thinking! I hope they fooled the media given them media makes up so many stories regardless.

    • CiCi

      Thats not her… That her cousin Priscilla she was at the airport earlier wearing the same exact thing… srry .

      • CiCi

        Also Priscilla did tweet Alfredo saying she would be in LA today!! Calm down guys!!

      • Jsha bieber

        @cici yeah!!! i agree its not that bitch slutena its her cousin nd 1 more thing There’ll never ever get back together.

      • #Alwayskidrauhl

        I agree wi Cici slutena better not come back into his because I’ll personally slap her myself no one tell justin I used tnat type of language because he would be mad at me he doesn’t like when girls curse but I only curse at ryan becase he’s crazy

      • retarted fangirls

        Selena is not a slut

      • RB

        Sometimes you need a cousin to help hide your privacy. Can you explain Justin’s security guards at Selena’s house on the Feb 2nd dropping her off and he being with Justin next to his car at night, on the same day with the same cloths; (shoes, pants, sweat shirt, gold chain, and same built)? Are these a picture of Justin’s security guards “Twin” maybe his “brother”?

      • jelena

        selena aint a slut dont know why you say that think what youd feel if someone said that bout you.

    • justinbiebergirlllllll

      No!!!! Selena is wayyy too much stress for him and he could do so much better! She just broke his heart and him, being the romantic he is, will do anything to win her back. She’s just going to break his heart again!!!!

      • Jodie810

        I no she will hurt him again …. Their is no point in Justin trying to win her back … When they did break up is said she was doing great so Justin should no she dose not love him as much as he loves her ….. JUSTIN find someone who won’t hurt u ❤❤

      • The real biebah

        This is bad news! Why? Didn’t you see how she was acting after the break up!
        Her friends dissing him in twitter and YouTube !
        She is trying to make him jealous by saying she would kiss zayn!
        She said she feels “really good” after the break up!
        And the sweet kind hearted beauty wrote her a song where he appreciates her and is not afraid to tell the world he still loves her!
        If that’s really her then it must have went this way:
        Justin’s album debuted no.1 on billboards chart and still shows he got it! So now he is still usefull for her!
        But since it’s not her then good cuz am starting to see him forgetting about her and having fun riding dirty and gourde riding :)
        Support Justin guys plz :)
        And btw : we all know how Justin is the best prank we put thier and how much he pranks us…so now its time for payback!
        If you have a twitter acount then trend this on his birthday: happy 16th birthday Justin :) lol :)

    • MƦ$.BłEBEƦ

      No that wasn’t selena because in Both of the pictures the girl has on the pink sneaks…(The 1 on the plane and with the suitcase).but the question is y would sel’s cousin be leaving justins house and in his car???

  • Briley

    OMG FIRST <3 AND they better not. Selena is ungrateful. Justin could do SOOOO much better!!! <3

  • bieber girl

    That’s a bad news. Because Justin is now having a fun. He forget his past. And now again Selena is coming his life. Again jelena drama will be start. But I love u Justin <3

    • justinbiebergirlllllll


    • Jsha bieber

      Lmao! They r not gettin back 2gether cuz its not slutena, can’t u read the updated part of this news???¿ So take a chill pill

    • Jodie810

      When they broke up selena was out partying with other boys and said she was doing GREAT !!! And Justin was writing nothing like us NOW when he starts to move on she comes back and Justin will take her back cause he loves her … Justin should no that she dose not love him as much as he loves her ❤❤❤

    • goldeneda-belieberx3

      you are totally right @biebergirl

  • javi

    guys this is for his image some fans and the general public dosen’t want justin to hang out or using drugs with lil twist and the other guy. basicaly his handlers and management dosen’t want him end up like lindsay lohan. so they advice him to go back to selena even if she dump him. remember is all for his image.


    “Justin Bieber… what the eff is up with this!?!

    Some could say that all of his weed scandal seems like nothing now compared to the latest Bieby bomb! …because now we’re getting into REALLY shady territory.

    Photos from this week’s round of parties suggest that the little prince has partaken in some purple drank AKA codeine AKA sizzurp.

    The photographs are said to show Justin hanging with Lil Za and Lil Twist as they roll up some blunts at a table covered with two sets of double cups.

    Now… for those of you who don’t know or don’t listen to Lil’ Wayne, this is a known style of consuming the drug. And Biebs is apparently DRINKING out of a double cup in one of the photos!!

    AHHH!! We’re having so many upsetting visions of years and years of talent GOLD wasted down the drain. Codeine, though commonly abused now, is not as innocent as one might think.

    Not only could it cause respiratory depression and kidney damage, but addiction could lead this little prince of pop into some even more dangerous methods of getting high, increasing chances of serious health concerns.

    Sources close to him swear he doesn’t take the drug, and we can only hope they’re right. Oh! And the same sources wish Twist and Za would just bounce!

    Justin… PLEASE take care of yourself!!” perezhilton

    • Shouldn’t Hate.

      when did this story come out?

  • BieberLoveerr6262

    This is pathetic, on both sides. Justin needs to man up and stop chasing after her like a damn puppy. Especially after the way she acted when they broke up; so smug and overly confident. Like it didn’t effect her. They both need to move on!!!

  • Melanie Bieber

    Ugh, not again…

    • Kailua

      There so meant for each other. They belong together.

  • Alisha

    Oh! Not again, i am tired of jelena. I hate this girl, she is a famewhore. I don’t want them to get back togther, cuz she is gonna break justin’s heart again for another guy.

  • MrsBieberForever


    • Safearia

      Agree cause he the best ever.But some people support justin and selena or some just support for selena or just move on and support for amazing incredable singer that really have talent –>JB.

  • rez

    cmon guys what do you prefer a drug addict justin using pot and codeine or a nice guy with a nice girlfriend like selena. also is not good for his image hanging out with people who smoke pot when you still have little kids as fans.

  • Romii Bieber

    What? I think this is false, if true, Selena had not said in front of cameras that he wanted to kiss Zayn Malik, or had ever been so close to Josh Hutcherson.

    • MrsBieberForever


    • trent

      im going to correct you there. they were ask who’s girl they wanted to kiss. and zayn i think he said selena. she just had a crush on him but the guy has a girlfriend also josh has a girlfriend.

  • trent

    i also think it was his pr people and his handlers that don’t want him hanging out with the wrong crowd and they told him to go back with selena even if she dump his butt.

  • sup

    i give up they are a wierd confused mess up couple and i can write more but you will get bord

  • woah

    They need some time off . Not the end of the world. If both really love each other they will end up together.

  • Nina

    They’re not back together, it’s her cousin and friend in the picture; the suitcase is for an airplane travel.

  • MrsBieberForever


  • MrsBieberForever


  • Sarah

    This rumor is FAKE! Justin was out with his friends.

  • Sarah

    She even said that she was having fun and having a GREAT TIME! She doesn’t look sad at all after her and justin broke up . I’ve seen pictures of her all smiling and laughing on her twitter page.

  • MrsBieberForever


  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    ıf it is she I think she went Justin’s house to take her dresses or things…………and talk about stayin friends……..stayin friends is the best for each of them

  • khloe99

    Ppl plz read ALL of the post before commenting………@Khloe99 out

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      haha right they should.

      • Shouldn’t Hate.

        there was an UPDATE

  • justin.adele

    One of believe tour dancer today said on her twitter page jelena is back…

  • MrsBieberForever


  • justin.adele

    im sure yellow dressed woman is selena bcoz of her hair in this pic and prisila isnt like that!

    • khloe99

      Yellow dressed woman lol

  • MrsBieberForever


  • MrsBieberForever


  • Mannan

    Justin u have many girls but why,,,,,,,,,,
    so tenc baby,,,,,,
    leave her,,,,,,,,,,

  • ivan

    that was me in drag. I am joking. I think we should be happy is Justin is happy even if some may not like her. If she spends more time with her, he would spend less time with the guys who may be a little wild. I hear his mother will tour with him-that is good. She could spank him if he misbehaves.

  • Maja

    It is selena you Can see it on her hair color