Rumors: Selena Gomez Spotted Leaving Justin Bieber House! Back Together?


Selena Gomez and her friend was spotted chatting with a security guard as they left Justin’s home in Los Angeles on Saturday morning — reports X17online.

Dressed in a yellow cardigan, black trousers and pink sneakers, she made quite the effort to keep her face from the cameras, instead showing off only her mousy brown locks.

Is she really Selena? A source tells X17online insisted that the woman was indeed Selena, she even headed home in one of Justin’s cars.

From X17:

“Selena looks like a young girl in love. And obviously Justin’s trying to win her back – sending her home in his car and everything – giving her the royal treatment.”

We’re very sure the photo in question is NOT Selena. It’s her cousin Priscilla @pmdeleon22 and her friend Lexi @lexisaldivar visiting Selena from Texas.

However, that guard is in the picture is the same person with Justin earlier that night. See here.





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