VIDEO: Angry Fan Yelled at Justin Bieber in London “I Hate You”


This is nasty! Justin Bieber tried to get into the nightclub — things got out of hand after the paparazzi and his bodyguards got into a tussel. But that was not it, Justin Bieber managed to anger a fan as well.

The angry fan yelled at Justin: “I come here just for you .. thank you.. I hate you.”

Watch the video:

  • Angelique

    First bitches!!!

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      Everyone hates me, but that’s okay. I am a dumb Belieber!

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Hey, I’m here. Miss me? Oh God, I’m talking to myself. I need medication. Lol, I ain’t got time for motherf*cking posers.

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Mad ’cause I make sense, bitch? Whatever the hell you want. But tell me to my face, don’t hide yourself behind a computer and pose me. I hope my Lord forgives you, he judges.

  • nayeli

    Why does she go there if she hates Justin Bieber that girl is lol


      She is a fan! She got mad because justin didnt get a pic with her or he didnt sign anything or he didnt kiss her.. but she was a fan and she was probably on her period xD

      • Lyla

        yeah a piece of shit fan

      • belieber2.0

        Some peeps just need to realize celebrities have lives to -.-

      • Shini Raj

        there are to many paps surrounded him..then how could him take a pic with her

  • alyssa

    let me be his bodyguard. cause if any pap tries stalking him, following him, or touching him, let me find out. cuz no one gonna lay a finger on justin lol. but yeah yo. that girl who said she hates him, she never was a true belieber. cuz once a belieber always a belieber. ♥

    • nayeli

      yeah why did she say that she is lol

      • Kendria

        She wanted to take picture of him who knows maybe she wanna show it to the rest of her friend or her parents and post it on fb or tweeter.But he didn’t pay any attention so she like im f*cking piss off, she was their to see him for no reason that was a waist of time and you know what she could be getting over JB she like im moving on like she feel stupid cause she,her friends went to see him for nothing without a picture that wasn’t nice of what he did is not right at all like okay suppose that was me to watch this it will be the end of me liking JB.

      • The real biebah

        @kendria sweetie,sweetie,sweeetie we “TRUE BELIEBERS” face ppl like you like each day of our lives and thats why they call you “FANS” .
        if you were smart enough to figure out how buissy he is,maybe you could know why. you know atleast he stops by MOST of the times and take pics with his FANS and BELIEBERS…
        do you know that when he wanted to do a live stream….we crashed down 2 or 3 sites and over that he still tryed for 2 WHOLE HOURS while he was suppose to be on VACATION!!!!
        that girl their never deserved to even see justin and niether should you

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        Rude fan !If she was a Belieber she would understand him.

      • Kendria

        @The real biebah okay honey I agree with you.

  • bruna karla

    I Love You justin bieber

  • nayeli

    jb I loved u

  • Bieberfan234

    That fan is a jerk if she’s a fan if him she shouldn’t say she hates him that’s just not right :( I don’t hate u justin I luv u justin I’m a Belieber :)

    • Diyana

      She Is A Fan There is a diffrence between Fan And Beliber, and Belibernator (The New Word )

      • jasmine

        the fact that you didint spell belieber right lmao

  • ivan

    Does this fanatic not realize he can’t stop for every person on earth who waits for him? Does the world revolve around those so-called fans who all expect him to personally follow them on tweeter? We have to put ourselves in his place and be reasonable.

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      ya right

  • christie

    wow she’s crazy for letting those words come out of her mouth. she probably didn’t mean it but still

    • KAILUA


  • I.


    • Jaedyn Rangel

      He is like the cutest guy on earth

  • Caroline Bieber

    Gosh she was SO selfish. Does she not realize that she’s the one that’s only making it even harder for him to say hi to fans by not getting out of their way?? So rude.

  • Abigail

    OK BITCH, you’re clearly just a fan.. I mean, you’re not the most important person in this world, you can’t expect him to pay atention to you…and he doesn’t need fans like you…he’s got BELIEBERS!!

  • Swggy Bieber

    If that girl doesnt love justin then leave him alone , thats it…simple n easy

  • MaliaBieber

    TF ? She needs to shut her @ss up and be grateful that she even got that close to him ! I would be the HAPPIEST person on earth to even be that close to him ! <3
    People like that make me mad..


    She said ” I hate you” because she was trying to get his attention when he first arrived but he was ignoring her. She probably really wanted to meet him but he just ignored her like she wasn’t even there. So she was probably just pissed off at him for doing that. Like c’mon, any fan would do that if any celebrity acted that way

  • BeliebersForever

    Justin Drew Bieber I love u

  • Xavier bieber

    Im a true boy belieber. She said because she was mad that’s all. Justin was just mad he didn’t mean to do that it’s the papps fault im a real true belieber if Justin was mad I would have walked away the pap needs to give my boy Justin his space if I was the pap I would love you Justin bro :) your Beliebers are here we got your back :) I <3 you bro


      COOL! there is finaly a boy belieber here, im a girl belieber and most of these people on here are girls plus me, so i think u might be the 1st boy to get on here:)

  • Mel Bieber

    That was just wrong. If she was a true belieber she would understand that when justin does that he doent mean too Besides if she was famous she wouldnt like if when she arrive somewhere there was a lot of flashing lights and crowed spaces. He is causterpobic(sorry if i spelled it wrong).She say she hates you We say we love u. justinbirthdayisfriday.

  • JaylaBieber

    I’m sorry but did she just completely miss the fact that Justin was surrounded by paparazzi and he was trying to get away? What a f*cking bitch. PMS much?

    • JaylaBieber

      Tbh, I’m glad he didn’t stop for this fake ass fan. Just because he didn’t acknowledge you, you choose to act like a complete a**hole.

  • Andreasardinha


  • hrisii

    i think she is crazyy

    • Kendria

      Well I think JB behaving bad can you see the thing of him.

  • Jamara

    I hate how that’s what Justin has to go through everyday. I think the girl was just mad cuz she thought she was finally going to meet Justin and she didn’t, she was just mad and sad.

  • Andreasardinha


    • Ansy. Lovin’ beebah

      Hey there’s this new thing, it called a space bar. You should try it sometime…

  • Belieber 4 life!!!!!

    That chick that said she hated Justin sounded like she was on her period or something, god she sounds like a bitch, she was never a belieber

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    bitch how dare she is to say that to my justin there is some prob so y gone he didn,t meet any one how dare she is
    y don,t they leave him alone i didn,t meet him if he didn,t meet me if i was there i say justin i love u just say this i don,t say him that omb just i come here or u only thank u i hate u
    what is this she is a bigggggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeestttttttttt bitch i hate her she is ugly i hate her
    i love u justin leave her she is not gud


      please learn how to spell :l

  • Lolly

    stupid Bitch

  • Azaria

    This is why I hate actually liking a musician who has a teenaged girl fanbase, they’re absolutely crazy. Sorry you didn’t get to meet him, but he is a person, and he does have things he needs and wants to do. He’s a busy person and can’t always take the time to stop and see fans. Get over it.

  • essie j

    she’s so stupid she thought that he would stop and talk to her with all those paps on his face smh she’s a fan not a belieber cuz we understand

  • bieber!

    ok she s crazy.

  • Angie

    she said it because she’s a fan … not a Belieber … BIG DIFFERENCE :)

  • Belieber Bicht

    I feel soooo bad for Justin. The paps should seriously die! All the flashes and taking the pics made me crazy! How would Justin feel?! He gets it EVERYDAY! And I think the fan does not really hate him. She was just mad at that moment. :$

    • Belieber Bitch

      btw spelled my name wrong! :$