Video: Justin Bieber Driving Lamborghini, Bugged by Paparazzi


Justin Bieber made his way out of Crustacean last night (Feb2) and TMZ photogapher tried to ask him about how there are photos going around of him partying with sizzurp … but Justin ignored it completely.

Once he got his car from the valet, he pulled into the street and then GUNNED IT as he drove off.

Watch the video:


  1. i feel sorry 4 justin because everywhere he goest he paparazzi always gets in his way!!!:’( i <3 u jb!!!!4ever belieber!!!!<3

  2. Justin i am always with you!i love you so much jani.And your car is so beautiful.My lovellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly brother,,,,,

      • “Justin Bieber… what the eff is up with this!?!

        Some could say that all of his weed scandal seems like nothing now compared to the latest Bieby bomb! …because now we’re getting into REALLY shady territory.

        Photos from this week’s round of parties suggest that the little prince has partaken in some purple drank AKA codeine AKA sizzurp.

        The photographs are said to show Justin hanging with Lil Za and Lil Twist as they roll up some blunts at a table covered with two sets of double cups.

        Now… for those of you who don’t know or don’t listen to Lil’ Wayne, this is a known style of consuming the drug. And Biebs is apparently DRINKING out of a double cup in one of the photos!!

        AHHH!! We’re having so many upsetting visions of years and years of talent GOLD wasted down the drain. Codeine, though commonly abused now, is not as innocent as one might think.

        Not only could it cause respiratory depression and kidney damage, but addiction could lead this little prince of pop into some even more dangerous methods of getting high, increasing chances of serious health concerns.

        Sources close to him swear he doesn’t take the drug, and we can only hope they’re right. Oh! And the same sources wish Twist and Za would just bounce!

        Justin… PLEASE take care of yourself!!” perezhilton

  3. That’s right justin u ignore tmz they are a bunch of liars I love you justin bieber so much I will always love u forever and always I love you justin bieber

  4. Omg.. I feel so bad for Justin :( The pap’s should give him some space and not stalk him 24/7 when he’s driving his Lamborghiuni

  5. I really hope that all of the rumors about Justin are not true especially the weed smoking & the alcohol use! Maybe if these rumors are true could it be bcuz of Selena breaking his heart? Not that it’s a good excuse but maybe if it is true it’s his own way of coping. Also, Justin did tweet that the rumors about him are ridiculous & are untrue! So we just gotta believe in him. By the way Justin’s car is really sexy & fast

  6. i fell bad for justin i wish he can just have some time whare his sacrety dont have to follow him 24/7 if justin comes to erie im going to be so so so happy im one of is bigest fans if something happed to him i would die i care about him and i would never let any thing happen to him i love you justin

  7. hey dont you guy rellize that since the rumor happend in novmber were saying that justin cheated on selena with a model, and since then all of these rumors have been going on about him. If its happend i think justin is really going through a bad breakup.cause 2013 havent been a god year for him. JUST SAYIN, LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  8. To the paps: YOU HAVE NO RESPECT! Just leave Justin alone already. He’s a normal guy like you and me. It’s bad enough he had to go through this relationship crap and now this! REALLY! Leave him the f*** alone you morons. I’m tired of seeing him upset because of your dumba** cameras. Just shove them down your throats.

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