Video: Justin Bieber Introduces New Music and Apologizes to Fans!

Justin introduces new music he’s been working on “You Want Me” and apologizes to fans after failing to make appearance on Twitcam and Ustream due to site’s problems.

  1. first of all No need to apologize cuz there was no fault of urs n next THE song is just so freaking amazingly Perfect.. Love u a lot n the song #I WANT YOU

  2. ombbbbbbbbbbb justin that,s awesome i lloe that u r looking sexy n that song is awesome i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    n jazzy jaxon both r awesome
    i love u

  3. Can’t wait to hear you want me. Im looking foward to it. When is it coming out. Jaxon and jazzy are soo cute awe <3 I bet you want me is a love songg

  4. It’s okay Justin.. It wasen’t your fault. And Justin looks hot & I like that song. Oh, and jazzy and jaxon’s lookin cute

  5. Some may criticize him as bitter about the grammys, etc. But can they name celebrities that have tried for hours to do what he did for his fans? I watched some of the grammys and found it boring and turned it off half way while waiting for Justin. He has nothing to apologize for. Also, he dominated twitter in spite of the grammys! Screw those nose in the air stiffs.

  6. twitcam?!! i ddnt even kno u were guna b on it :( #Suckss

    lmao but idk i’ll try to keep up wit u, so next time, i can b a part of it :)

    & listen to “You Want Me”… will b on my ‘to-do list’.. :)

  7. By the way, I have to rant about two people that recently were looking down their nose at Justin. One is the talented Ed Sheeran who said he would never work with Justin and the other is Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney who said the Grammys are for music not for money which Justin has plenty off so he should be happy. This is the type of elitist snobbery you find among some in the music industry who look down on pop superstars like Justin. Sheeran, by the way, did not mind colloborating with his friends on One Direction.

    • Come on, Ed Sheeran? I really do like him, but seriously? They met when they were doing the Jingle Balls. And I would have been pretty pumped if they did something together. And towards Patrick Carney, he cares more about music than money. He needs to get a grip. Just because Justin wasn’t nominated, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t work hard on his music and cares about it. Again, get a grip.

  8. Why did he apologize? It’s not his fault that happened. See, what other star cares so f*cking much for his fans like that? None that I know of. But as towards the song, amazing. Loved it.

  9. Ed Sheeran’s comments is on various sites-you could google it. I don’t think he really likes his music or singing-an ego thing?. Patrick Carney clearly implied in a snubbish way at the grammy’s after party, that Bieber’s music is not real music. Keep in mind Justin has never dissed another artist in the industry like that publically in interviews or otherwise.
    By the way Ed Sheeran is a very good song writer and singer. IT would have been great if at least he could have written a song for Justin as he did for One Direction.

    • Well, that’s rude. Patrick Carney was, in particular. Just because you don’t like someone’s style of music doesn’t mean that it’s not real music. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, but don’t diss somebody like that. Justin’s a class act, he wouldn’t do that to another artist. And there are quite a number of people that have never won a Grammy yet were talented, like Diana Ross, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, The Who, Jimmy Hendrix or Jackson 5. I think they made real music. So no matter what Patrick says, Justin’s not in bad company, he’s along with people that made real music. As regards Ed Sheeran, he is talented, like I said, I like him. But he could work with Justin on something, like he did for One Direction. I honestly think it is an ego thing more than anything. But that being the case, it’s still kind of something people would look forward to. Oh well. That’s his deal, not anyone else’s.

  10. I completely agree-you are wise in your generation DaughterofLordRauhl!
    Let me say I defend him so much not only because I admire him greatly for what he has accomplished in 6 year by the age of 18, but because it makes me sick how haters constantly try to put him down with lies about him. check out the latest: He received a lap dance the other day at a club{hollwoodlife]-it was not him! Also, Selena is supposedly going with Alfredo since they were seen at post-grammy party according to other gossip sites.

    • First of all, thank you for telling me that. Now when it comes to gossip, the media is terrible with that. It’ll make up lies just so they can laugh and give people an “interesting” story, ignoring the good that he does. Haters are sickening, they just can’t wait to see him crash and burn, even though he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. Hollywoodlife is as reliable as TMZ, they’re not. When it comes to the internet, the most reliable is Gossipcop. Other gossip sites don’t tell the truth 95% of the time. I admire how you defend Justin, along with the reasons you do it. Not only do you admire his talent, but you have a heart and how haters act sickens you as much as it does me. Unfortunately, not everybody is a class act. But they really shouldn’t be so low that you make up lies just to bring other people down. The media is also to blame there. But you can’t fix what other people do. You just have to fight and defend. That’s what I’ve been doing over the years I’ve admired Justin, and I’m willing to keep on doing it.

  11. The grammys had about 10 million less viewers than last year. Of course they say it was because it was a Whitney Houston tribute in 2012. I thing it was because a lot of One Direction and Justin Bieber fans did not watch this year as a protest. 28 million watched this year, last year it was 39 million or so.

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