Video: Justin Bieber Pick Up Girls Lyrics :)

The guy from use Justin Bieber song lyrics to try and pick up girls. see how people react to meeting Dustin Bieber and watch to find out if people even recognize they’re using Bieber’s lyrics. comment below if you want to get hit on by Dustin Bieber!

Songs referenced:
1. As Long As You Love Me
2. Beauty And A Beat
3. One Time
4. Boyfriend
5. Never Say Never
6. One Less Lonely Girl
7. Somebody To Love
8. All Around The World

  1. Mrs.Bieber-Malik-Styles
  3. Mrs.Bieber
  4. Xavier Jackson
  5. Rey
  6. mrs.bieber
  7. $$$belieber ***forever$$$
  8. sukarlih
  9. Ganell
  10. bieber girl
    • Isabella Bieber
    • #Alwayskidrauhl
      • Luke

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