Video: Justin Bieber Shirtless on UStream Before it Crashed 2/10/13


Justin on UStream before it crashed. Its only ten seconds….but hey.. he was shirtless :)

Watch the video:

  1. Justin spent the past 2 hours trying to make this work, when he had time off and was suppose to be having fun with his family…Don’t you dare say he doesn’t care for his Beliebers.

  2. Justin on Jimmy Fallon, Bieber on Saturday Night Live, Justin on Telly, Justin trying to make us a video, and Justin making us a song…BEST WEEKEND EVER! And then there’s these Directioners wishing 1D treated them like Justin treats us…Lol good luck with that. :)

  3. I know this is off topic, but I have to say, I’m REALLY PROUD of Justin admitting he smoked weed on SNL, and said that he won’t ever do it again…He apologized on national television, and he didn’t even have too. I’M CRYING. :”)

  4. Only 10 seconds? It was the best 10 seconds I’ve spent watching something. ;) Ha ha. This was like the best weekend for me.

  5. I’m mad bc i wanted to see him and he care about us he was suppose to spend time with his family but instead he’s trying to make it work and i love him for that

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