[Video] Justin Bieber’s Ferrari Pulled Over Again!


Justin’s Bieber’s Ferrari is at the center of yet more controversy after it was pulled over by police in Los Angeles, Friday morning (Feb1).

Law enforcement officials confirm to TMZ that one of Justin’s friend — Lil Za borrowed his Ferrari and was cited by police today at 1:30 a.m. due to the vehicle’s tinted windows.


Lil Za flipped off a paparazzi while sitting in the back of a police car.

Lil Za was driving without a license and was lucky to only receive a ticket for that offense. He was cited and released.

Just a month ago, Lil Twist also borrowed Justin’s car…  got pulled over for a high-speed ride… and tragedy stuck when a photographer trying to get pictures of the vehicle was hit by a passing car.

Watch the video:

Do you think Justin should get rid of his bad-luck ferrari? or maybe find new friends?

    • Yes! They dont understand its ok I do ! Da think they bad cuz they black people expect this from blavk people we got a bad rep

      • Oh my Gosh really if he was white I would think he was a bad influence because its the things that people do that makes them a bad influence not the color of skin!!! For goodness sake

    • Some of them black’s are not bad and being black does not mean there bad some of them don’t act the same it depence on who your friends with.

      • @Mariama bieber
        racist much? the color of a persons f**** skin doesnt reflect on their personality in any way wht so ever ._. a persons personality reflects on so many things like:
        ~ who they hang out with
        ~ who they were raised by
        ~ and what they do/still do today
        everyone is different. dont judge anyones appearance and what they may seem like just cuz of they skin color period.


      • Hey don’t blame the cops they are doing their job. Just because Justin is a so called celebrity does not mean he is above the law.

  1. i think justin worked hard for his car so he should just stop letting people drive it around. clearly his “friends” don’t know how to respect his belongings. especially a belonging with a price tag like that.

    • proves that Justin’s fans are bunch of physchos when they will go into great lengths to want to kill somebody. You’d think he’d appreciate you killing his friend? you’d think he’d fall in love with you if you kill someone for him? you are an idiot! buffoon!!!

      • Why are you name calling?? I do not think its right to threaten to kill someone but we are not physchos we just love justin and some people take it to far with what they say and some of us just stand up for him but theres no reason to call someone a idiot and a buffoon.

  2. Why the hell should he get rid of his Ferrari? It’s not the car’s fault. For some reason, lately it’s been when one of his friends borrows the damn car. Not saying that he should get rid of his friends, but I don’t know. What was Lil Za driving the car around at 1:30 in the morning for anyway? Whatever. My point is, he shouldn’t get rid of it, it’s not the car’s fault. There’s no such thing as bad luck unless something’s demon posessed. But forget it.

  3. I am sure they are nice fun guys but Justin has to be more careful with his car and not lend it out like that. I will only give the rats in the gossip sites more to talk about.

  4. First Justin should not let nobody borrowed his car because it is his and could still get in trouble for that,His friend Lil Za was driving without a license like you don’t let nobody drive your car if they do have a license anyway he lucky that the cops did not send him to jail.And stop speeding it could cost an excited you will never know you might think it won’t happen but it will anytime you never know what could really happen in your life or someone else life,And like if you keep on speeding it will distrubed other people that is driving in the highway.

    • That why they always say drive safely not safely to go speed then all the sudden theirs an accident then someone got killed like do you know you could get luck up for that.

  5. Look on some of the comments u guys said u wanna kill justin don’t say that its not his fault and the belieber family is not stupid or retarded so you know justin can see what you put on here right so justin I love you and don’t get rid of your car I love you justin

    • Who said we wanna kill Justin.Like do you understand I love him but it is his fault that his car he should never let his friend drive it andHe don’t have any license you have to have one can’t just drive without it or even if he do and He was speeding still should not let no one drive it cause Justin could still get in trouble for that is his car not his friend car.

      • Maybe not in trouble but he could get in trouble im just trying to help Justin so he don’t make the same mistakes again.

  6. He needs to put his “friends” in check because they’re not only making Justin look bad but themselves as well. They claim they’re adults, but make stupid child decisions. It’s ridiculous!!!!!!

  7. First his fisker carma now the ferrari. Whatever. I’m not a car person. Well…. a little bit. I love my cars. I have 2 1967 Sedan Cadillac. A truck and a minivan. Btw I’m 13 so my dad owns the cars. Lol :) but Justin shouldn’t let his dumb dumb friends (not matter what race) drive his car.

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