Video: Watch Justin Bieber Does the Harlem Shake!

Everyone is doing the Harlem Shake today, and so is Justin.

Old video, but funny. More videos:

Kiss 95.1 DJs and friends came together to do their own rendition of The Harlem Shake with a special cameo from Justin Bieber!

More Harlem Shake videos.. click here

28 thoughts on “Video: Watch Justin Bieber Does the Harlem Shake!

    1. lotte

      HAHAAAAA lol it don’t care if you don’t knowwhat the harlem shake is…(search it on youtube :p) but you always will laugh whit: Justin Biebe <3 XD

  1. Mrs. Horan

    hey guys! im back! remember me? yeah i used to be NinjaGirl !!! Lol. But i changed my name :]
    btw, i love the harlem shake! haha justin!!


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