Video: Watch Justin Bieber SNL Skit (Saturday Night Live) FULL Episode! 2013


Watch Justin hosting and performing on SNL – FULL VIDEO.
WARNING: It’s a long one hour video. :)

Protective Brother
When a girl brings home her college boyfriend to meet the family, her overly protective brother acts out in front of everyone.

50s Romance
A boy and girl each recall their version of a first date and decide to go steady.

Valentine’s Day Message from Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber tries to send a romantic Valentine’s Day message to that special someone, but various kinks keep it from being ultra sexy.

The Miley Cyrus Show: Fan Club
Miley Cyrus, excited about her new haircut, tattoo and husband, welcomes the president of her fan club, who has some issues with Justin Bieber.

The Californians: Runaway
On The Californians, Devin has a devestating revelation for Stuart and the group attempts to help a runaway teen.

    • you can go on the nbc site and go on the SNL page…they’ll have a full episode on it…that’s what I did even though I watched it on tv

  1. hey hey hey i can,t watch it y they r
    doing all this with us i want to see the video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    justin i want to watch it plz justin i love u justin plz tell me anyone how to watch it i can,t there is some option sign in fb i do but there is nothing now i want to see it :(

  2. Omggggg baby juju soooooo proud of u u were flawless As always it was PERFECTION FOR MEEEEEE muaaaah I love u Justin forverrrrrrr

  3. yeah! I was waiting for it to watch in youtube but nooo! i’m tryin’ right now!!!!!!!! still dying :/( aww!!!!!!!!

  4. HE IS FUNNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an i loved the show an his acting he is the best lol..justin bieber u truley are talented!! luv u

  5. When he sang nothing like us I wanted to cry I just knew it was meant for Selena<3 but he was HILARIOUS and when he took a picture of Jerry haha

  6. First swaggy then secute now glice justin should make up his own dictionary with his own words like seriously but it’s really cute :)

  7. yessssssssss justin aint somk’n no more week yesssssssssss

    omg- my parrents wont like the sexy valinentimes message
    but i loved it

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