Who Would Hack Justin Bieber’s Twitter?


@JustinBieber‘s twitter account is hacked. All his tweets are gone!
Who did this? Hopefully Twitter can fix it ASAP.

UPDATE: It’s back!

    • His account hasn’t hacked by any1. Its just somethin wrong happenin with his acc. His tweets r not showin n it can happen to any, it had happend to me too. Twitter will fix it

  1. Hope they fix it asap before the hacker sends out fake tweets. I think it the Black Keys drummer becuz he pretends to be justin so he might have found some way to hack his accont. Please no hate just my opinpion. thank you.

    • OMG people are still going on about Plastic Bieber, if you looked at her last tweets you would see that it was all a prank!! Plastic Bieber is looooooooong over. and the guy who tried to kill him is in jail #Logic

  2. Who would do that im piss like this is not funny now some of the fans going to be like hey what happend to JB tweeter I don’t see it.

    • Idk maybe his tweeter account wasn’t strong enough so that somebody don’t heck your page or you didn’t even logout your page.Idk what to say to you honey im hopefully they get it fix for you.

    • And he just a kid like everybody else they need to go pick on somebody else that like to be pick on and just leave the damn kid alone gosh im tired of coming on here,it always something going on.

  3. No. I just read a tweet from a belieber on twitter saying “Justin Bieber’s account has NOT been hacked. His account has a problem and Twitter are currently fixing it. SPREAD THE WORD. So no one has hacked his twitter or anything like that. #That’sAll

  4. @ye4hbruh is the one who hacked Justin’s twitter account, he claimed that he’s the one who did it… and help us now because scooter’s account is the next that he’ll gonna hacked!!!…. I’m not kidding read @ye4hbruh his tweets….OMB!!!! HELP!!

  5. hey who do this i want to know
    i vote that wht idk
    idk who do that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y they only get my justin to do bad things with him
    y not others
    i will kill that person
    don,t worry jusin u will come to know that who do this very fast
    by i love u justin

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