Who Would Hack Justin Bieber’s Twitter?


@JustinBieber‘s twitter account is hacked. All his tweets are gone!
Who did this? Hopefully Twitter can fix it ASAP.

UPDATE: It’s back!

  • 2sexi4u

    First.. ahaha. um.
    :D bye.

    • Bieber’s Shawty

      hmmm why would Selena do that? probably is some1 else.. or it could be another prank.. who knowz.. :P

      • chieber

        yah probably

    • Sal Bieber

      Justin’s account is hacked?
      I Think its a prank

    • Mrs.Bieber♥

      i hate selena gomez she stole my truerlove 2nd she is not even pretty selena is a copy she clearly copys miley and she never did the peace sign untill miley did it in a pic i bet selena h8 bieber but i love him id never betray him hmmm i no who would tho oh yeahhh gomez!!!

      • Mrs.Bieber♥ ‘Bieber’s Shawty’

        i bet im pretier den selena im a pretty/fittie blond as the boys say but im not a idiot i aint one of those mean girlz tho but i can get dirty ;) but tht aint the point i hope bieber finks im fit/pretty/cute love him forevez!!! xoxoxxo

    • Mrs. Bieber

      I know who did it

      • Belieber3366


  • Fernando

    Yeah I hope they can fix it too!!!! :( people in the world are so cruel! :/ ugh! Smh Poor Justin :(

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    bt hope Ma Justin<3 get back his twitter..

    • Real Alisha

      Hey guys! Now i can see some of his old tweets like 26 aug old.

    • Mrs.Bieber♥ ‘Bieber’s Shawty’

      hope Ma Justin♥ get back his twitter too♥
      love ya my lil angel ur amazing! xoxoxox

  • Joey

    selena didnt do that and it’s not a rae stupid bitch it was that carly rae fan did it @2sex4u you need to go

    • 2sexi4u

      You know I was kidding… right? l0l

  • nayeli

    poor Justin hope they can fix that

  • bieber

    https://twitter.com/ye4hbruh … look at her tweets

  • hiskia a.k.a mamen


    • Jsha Bieber

      His account hasn’t hacked by any1. Its just somethin wrong happenin with his acc. His tweets r not showin n it can happen to any, it had happend to me too. Twitter will fix it

  • Jessymichelle

    It wasn’t suspended and I love how fredo says their gonna fix it lmao I love him x)

  • Mel Bieber

    Hope they fix it asap before the hacker sends out fake tweets. I think it the Black Keys drummer becuz he pretends to be justin so he might have found some way to hack his accont. Please no hate just my opinpion. thank you.

  • Real Alisha

    Who would do this to him? I was soo worried about it, i hope they can fix it.



  • Starlight

    I bet it was plastic Bieber or the guys that tryed killing him.

    • Natalie

      OMG people are still going on about Plastic Bieber, if you looked at her last tweets you would see that it was all a prank!! Plastic Bieber is looooooooong over. and the guy who tried to kill him is in jail #Logic

    • Kayla

      Or is that key drummer.Cause why this have to happen now that he almost getting ready for this juno choice award.I could be him.

  • Kayla

    Who would do that im piss like this is not funny now some of the fans going to be like hey what happend to JB tweeter I don’t see it.

    • Kayla

      Idk maybe his tweeter account wasn’t strong enough so that somebody don’t heck your page or you didn’t even logout your page.Idk what to say to you honey im hopefully they get it fix for you.

  • Mel Bieber

    Why is so many people picking on Justin this year. It is so annoying.

    • Rihannica

      And he just a kid like everybody else they need to go pick on somebody else that like to be pick on and just leave the damn kid alone gosh im tired of coming on here,it always something going on.

  • oxBelieberxo

    Oh, Gosh.. I hope no one hacked into his twitter.

  • oxBelieberxo

    No. I just read a tweet from a belieber on twitter saying “Justin Bieber’s account has NOT been hacked. His account has a problem and Twitter are currently fixing it. SPREAD THE WORD. So no one has hacked his twitter or anything like that. #That’sAll

    • Rihannica

      Oh so he just have to wait and See cause one thing about computer they act stupid it will get fix don’t worry Justin.

    • Kayla

      IS back to normal :)

  • Emma Bieber

    it actually hurts me that some beliebers think justin would ever do this to us

  • Real Alisha

    Hey guys! Now, i can see some of his old tweets.

  • BelieberforLife

    @ye4hbruh is the one who hacked Justin’s twitter account, he claimed that he’s the one who did it… and help us now because scooter’s account is the next that he’ll gonna hacked!!!…. I’m not kidding read @ye4hbruh his tweets….OMB!!!! HELP!!

  • I’m a belieber

    A person on twitter name @Ye4hbruh hacked his account.

  • Zoey

    Funny…This @ye4hbruh is a Carly Rae Jepsen fan.
    This idiot Justin ‘descoverd’ Carly.

  • Belieber Forever

    Now tweets from Aug 26 are shown on his account :/

  • Rafferty Bieber

    i dont know who done it but i hope you find out who done …it love ya xx

  • Taylor

    Oh No!! Poor Justin :'(

  • Belieber


  • Abbie Bieber

    IT WAS @ye4hbruh

  • DaBiebzzWorld

    I think @ye4hbruh Hacked JB :( I AM VERY ANGRY TODDDDAAAAAAAY -.-

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    hey who do this i want to know
    i vote that wht idk
    idk who do that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y they only get my justin to do bad things with him
    y not others
    i will kill that person
    don,t worry jusin u will come to know that who do this very fast
    by i love u justin

  • essie j

    his account is hacked

  • Bieber’s Wife

    OMB! who hacked it? i wish it will gonna fix now :(