Carly Rae Jepsen: “Justin Bieber is a True Performer”


Carly Rae Jepsen chatted with MTVnews. In the interview, she shared that Justin has been a “trouper” throughout his recent struggles.

If there’s anybody who I think can pull off what it means to be a professional performer, it’s Justin because, yeah, it was chaotic week, but he sang even when he was feeling kind of like light of breath and showed us that old saying ‘The show must go on’ is really true — So, I’m proud of him.

I think there are moments where you do feel very much like this is a day of heavy press or a day of show time. And that is a lot of sort of being right out there in the wide open. But there’s also a lot of downtime. And luckily, I am touring with people who I consider my dearest friends, my bandmates, my brothers. And, the whole team that I’m traveling with are just good people, good hard-working people. So we get out downtime and lots of out of the limelight moments as well and that’s when I’m really mischievous.

Watch the interview:

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