Did Jaden Smith Ruin Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Party?


Jaden Smith arrives at Justin’s Birthday Party!

Jaden Smith reportedly ruined Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday celebration — and responsible for Justin and his entourage’s confrontation with the night club securities.

According to US Magazine, Jaden arrived to celebrate Justin’s 19th birthday shortly after the rest of Bieber’ crew, but would not be allowed in due to his age! So after attempting in vain to get his best friend through the doors, Justin apparently didn’t feel it was right to keep the party going, so instead decided to call everything off and head back to his hotel with his friends and ordered fast food from McDonald’s!

Justin Bieber-1738832

A source said:

There was never any mention of Jaden being there, so when he showed up, it caused problems. They could have stayed if Jaden left, but Justin wanted to be loyal to his good friend.

Justin tweeted it’s his “worst birthday” ever — he paid $15,000 for a circus themed bash at Cirque du Soir nightclub.

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