Happy 19th Birthday Justin Bieber!


It’s Justin Bieber’s birthday today March 1.
Everybody go wish him a Happy Birthday!! :)

325 thoughts on “Happy 19th Birthday Justin Bieber!

      1. Naza

        Happy Birth they to u, happy birth day to u, happy birthday justin bieber, Happy birthday to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! and get your party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      1. The real biebah

        HAPPPY BITHDAY JUSTEEEEWWEN*nicki’s voice* I hope you rock your birthday and have an amazing,wonderful time
        :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love :)
        I lo :)

    1. Bella Bieber

      Happy Birthday 19th Justin!! I wish the best for you!! I love u so much that i would do anything to make u happy!! #glice!!

      1. Alycia Collins

        I love you justin sorry you had the worst birthday ever but you have me your number one fan!!! I wish that I could meet you in person! the worst birthday huh?? Well on my 8th birthday my dad took his friends son to worlds of fun and went on all the rides. I was on all the kiddie rides with my mom and sister it sucked but I made the best of it!

      2. Alycia Collins

        I love him more then anything litterly my family myself even my dog he’s on the top of the list!!!!!!!!


      Happy birthday Justin! i love you more than words can ever say. muwah!!! gnight everyone : )

  1. Nicole

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!!!! OMG I Can’t believe he’s 19!!!!! He’s grown up Sooo fast. I hope YOU HAVE AMAZING DAY! I LOVE you Sooo much!!!!. <3 :D



    2. claudia

      Happy birthday justin sorry I’m late on the apply but I just wanna say happy birthday from everybody I love your music looks and humor can’t wait till the 8th of may when u come to cape town maybe we can meet up ok? LOTS OF LOVE ,

  2. Kendia

    Happy Birthday JB!!!! you lucky im not there to give you birthday puches and even it’s keysha birthday too.

  3. Milie Loves Kidrauhl

    Happy B-day Justin Drew Mallete Bieber aka Kidrauhl I love you so much and I always will call me crazy or weird but this guy change my life sounds cheesy but he really did I still remember the day I first heard Baby. Youve gone so far and Im so proud of you!!!!!! Your amazing!! <333 Your 19 but to my heart your my 16 year old adorable kid with the angelic voice. Call me stupid I dont care but im crying right now of happiness I cant get enough of you! xxxx
    I know that he might not get the chance to see this but I dont want him to change yes I know its hes life hes bussiness but I worry to much. Justin I love you, once a belieber always a belieber take care and may God bless and many years to come! <3xx Milie loves you Kidrauhl

  4. Vitha

    Happy birthdaayy my babe :* hope u will be the beessstt ! Nd will be #1 in Belieber’s heart :D #happybdayjustinfromindonesia

      1. kay bieber fever

        justin sorry for sending this text so late happy birthday my bieber… And i love u.

  5. Stephanie

    happy birthday justin !!!!! I love you and I will always support you … I’m so proud to be a belieber and i will forever to be a belieber … Wish you happy always … Happy birthday !!!! <3~~

  6. Mrs.BieberYE$!

    OMB i am crying he is growing up so fast !dear lord god thank u 4 blessing us with this good blessing Justin Bieber!i love u husband!19years of happiness!it’s a belieber holyiday!

  7. yHA Napawan

    Hbd get healthy. I was happy with the work that is loved by everyone thinks it’s a good thing to be desired in all respects. She is someone who I have a feeling a lot. Even though she and I are not known. No, I think she may have been on this planet, it is possible. But I’ve been able to love her even though she already has someone she loves. But I was happy to see the people I love happy, I had a dream once where I might be going to see the real her. It may be difficult for you and me when we’re in a different hemisphere. It would be pointless for me to not see the end. So I’d love to go round. And I hope to continue indefinitely. Until it ends. And finally, this. I want you to take care of myself too. This is my concern. Love and miss you very much.

  8. Mrs.BieberYE$!

    Happy Birth Day!Justin Bieber!justin thank u 4 comeing in 2 my life u changed it 4 the better!u made me believe when i couldent you make my feel like a Beauty ur my world 2.0 lol but you ar tho u made me fall in love i will be there 4 u through the thick and thin n allways am ilove u and thak u happy birth day boo!

  9. Zulia Octayati

    Happy Birthday Justin Bieber my Boyfriend <3…u are so awesome..the Beliebers love u..and many prayers for you <3 :) MUCH LOVE

  10. honey

    happy bday jb I just cant believe that u r 19 now.
    may god fill ur life with sucess as always he is doin till now.I m watchin u since u r 14.
    i luv u so much and will alwayus luv u.mmmmmmmmmmmwaaah

  11. prabasha

    go on…. may all ur wshs b true.. i’m prud 2 b a beliebr of u …. frnd… u r in my hrt..:D…. hv a grt blast on ur 19 b’dy!!!!!!!

  12. elika

    happy birthday to u justin . we are always here for u and we’ll always support u baby <3 wish u all the best .,u are always in our hearts <3<3


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