Happy 19th Birthday Justin Bieber!


It’s Justin Bieber’s birthday today March 1.
Everybody go wish him a Happy Birthday!! :)

  • Mrs.Bieber

    Happy b-day my beautiful husband

    • Katy bieber

      I love him mrs.Bieber

      • Naza

        Happy Birth they to u, happy birth day to u, happy birthday justin bieber, Happy birthday to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! and get your party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      • Alycia Collins

        Does justin go clubbing if he does I wouldn’t mind

    • lourdes

      hhhhhhhhappy birth day cuty weet19

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Stupid i love him more than u so shut up -Katy

      • The real biebah

        HAPPPY BITHDAY JUSTEEEEWWEN*nicki’s voice* I hope you rock your birthday and have an amazing,wonderful time
        :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love u :)
        I love :)
        I lo :)

      • vagiabelieber

        Happy birthday to you my dear….. I love you! Please don’t forget us!!!

      • chinni

        Beleted many more happy returns of the day and happy birth day to u

    • Bella Bieber

      Happy Birthday 19th Justin!! I wish the best for you!! I love u so much that i would do anything to make u happy!! #glice!!

    • justinbiebergirlllllll

      AHHHHHHHHHH !!!! Happy Birthday Justin!!!!! You are amazing!!!!

    • Jaedyn Rangel

      Happy b day Justin I love u

      • Alycia Collins

        Exuse me he’s mine!!

      • Alycia Collins

        I love you justin sorry you had the worst birthday ever but you have me your number one fan!!! I wish that I could meet you in person! the worst birthday huh?? Well on my 8th birthday my dad took his friends son to worlds of fun and went on all the rides. I was on all the kiddie rides with my mom and sister it sucked but I made the best of it!

      • Alycia Collins

        I love him more then anything litterly my family myself even my dog he’s on the top of the list!!!!!!!!

      • arsha

        oh please girl dream on he is mine

  • cheryl

    have great birthday justin 19 wow time gos so fast


      Happy birthday Justin! i love you more than words can ever say. muwah!!! gnight everyone : )

      • lourdes

        you f off my justin hes mine hsppy birth day

  • Ann novak

    Hope you have happy 19birthday Justin

  • Nicole

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!!!! OMG I Can’t believe he’s 19!!!!! He’s grown up Sooo fast. I hope YOU HAVE AMAZING DAY! I LOVE you Sooo much!!!!. <3 :D



    • claudia

      Happy birthday justin sorry I’m late on the apply but I just wanna say happy birthday from everybody I love your music looks and humor can’t wait till the 8th of may when u come to cape town maybe we can meet up ok? LOTS OF LOVE ,

  • Kendia

    Happy Birthday JB!!!! you lucky im not there to give you birthday puches and even it’s keysha birthday too.

  • Milie Loves Kidrauhl

    Happy B-day Justin Drew Mallete Bieber aka Kidrauhl I love you so much and I always will call me crazy or weird but this guy change my life sounds cheesy but he really did I still remember the day I first heard Baby. Youve gone so far and Im so proud of you!!!!!! Your amazing!! <333 Your 19 but to my heart your my 16 year old adorable kid with the angelic voice. Call me stupid I dont care but im crying right now of happiness I cant get enough of you! xxxx
    I know that he might not get the chance to see this but I dont want him to change yes I know its hes life hes bussiness but I worry to much. Justin I love you, once a belieber always a belieber take care and may God bless and many years to come! <3xx Milie loves you Kidrauhl



    • Roze Bieber

      Ur soo sweet! I agree with Courtney J, it’s not at all Justin I’m telling u ur the best!!!! Luv u!

  • beliber girl

    happy birthday justin bieber

    • lourdes

      thats all really how about sweet justin atleast

  • Heizel

    Happy Birhtday justin:)

  • Vitha

    Happy birthdaayy my babe :* hope u will be the beessstt ! Nd will be #1 in Belieber’s heart :D #happybdayjustinfromindonesia

  • Andreasardinha

    Iwanttomakelovetoyouonyour19birthday lwill makeyoufeelsogood

  • applehead

    happy happy birthday justin :)) wish you all the best!!

    • annastacia

      hapi bday justin..wish u d bst dat birthday can bring..ave fun dear

  • Selena Gomez

    Happy bday Justin,

    • Katy bieber

      Selena Gomez

      • perfect-JDB


      • shane adkins

        selena is ugly because my girlfriend is sexyer then that ugly bug

    • quincy


    • ema

      i hate selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!

      • shane adkins

        i do to my girlfriend is sexyer then that ugly bug

    • shane

      really your a lice head

    • Katy bieber

      Selena Gomez I love u

      • kay bieber fever

        justin sorry for sending this text so late happy birthday my bieber… And i love u.

  • Tahani

    Happy bday Justin. HOPE you have a awesome bday.

  • Stephanie

    happy birthday justin !!!!! I love you and I will always support you … I’m so proud to be a belieber and i will forever to be a belieber … Wish you happy always … Happy birthday !!!! <3~~

    • Brittany

      happy birthday justin bieber
      Love u justin bieber

  • jbfan#1

    love u Justin Bieber may u have many many more HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    • lourdes

      kamav tu .tu muro rom avesza

  • ivanaa

    Happy bday Juss <3

  • Mrs.BieberYE$!

    OMB i am crying he is growing up so fast !dear lord god thank u 4 blessing us with this good blessing Justin Bieber!i love u husband!19years of happiness!it’s a belieber holyiday!

  • nayeli

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Justin love u

  • trisha

    Happy birthday Justin may god bles u n u liv a long lyf.. :)

  • yHA Napawan

    Hbd get healthy. I was happy with the work that is loved by everyone thinks it’s a good thing to be desired in all respects. She is someone who I have a feeling a lot. Even though she and I are not known. No, I think she may have been on this planet, it is possible. But I’ve been able to love her even though she already has someone she loves. But I was happy to see the people I love happy, I had a dream once where I might be going to see the real her. It may be difficult for you and me when we’re in a different hemisphere. It would be pointless for me to not see the end. So I’d love to go round. And I hope to continue indefinitely. Until it ends. And finally, this. I want you to take care of myself too. This is my concern. Love and miss you very much.

  • Mrs.BieberYE$!

    Happy Birth Day!Justin Bieber!justin thank u 4 comeing in 2 my life u changed it 4 the better!u made me believe when i couldent you make my feel like a Beauty ur my world 2.0 lol but you ar tho u made me fall in love i will be there 4 u through the thick and thin n allways am ilove u and thak u happy birth day boo!

  • rish

    happi birth dai jb..may god bless u nd give u a happi life……always lov u..mmmmmwaah

    • ema

      are you okay man

  • Zulia Octayati

    Happy Birthday Justin Bieber my Boyfriend <3…u are so awesome..the Beliebers love u..and many prayers for you <3 :) MUCH LOVE

  • honey

    happy bday jb I just cant believe that u r 19 now.
    may god fill ur life with sucess as always he is doin till now.I m watchin u since u r 14.
    i luv u so much and will alwayus luv u.mmmmmmmmmmmwaaah

  • SomoBelieber

    Happy Bieb Day Justin Bieber
    I <3 you 4ever


    wish you a very very happy returns of the day jb………………………

  • prabasha

    happy b’day justin……. <3…. gd bless u,, and keep u hpy evry secnd :)

  • prabasha

    go on…. may all ur wshs b true.. i’m prud 2 b a beliebr of u …. frnd… u r in my hrt..:D…. hv a grt blast on ur 19 b’dy!!!!!!!

  • ruhani

    happy birthday Justin

  • elika

    happy birthday to u justin . we are always here for u and we’ll always support u baby <3 wish u all the best .,u are always in our hearts <3<3