Just Cuz I’m Not Smiling Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Happy :)


Night I love you.. And btw just cuz I’m not smiling doesn’t mean im not happy. ;)

  • madison

    First :)

    • Bella Bieber

      yea if u look closely u can see a smile……….but also the hot sexy lips omfg ima kiss them now!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gen.

      Keep smilin’ for us Justin! We love yew soo much!

  • beebee

    I’m confused even his eyes aren’t looking happy!

    • hue

      justin :(( —————> </3 T.T
      i <3 justin
      forever ……………….

  • Belieberforever#1

    His eyes looked like if he was crying or something but even though he still looks cute


      dont u get it, either way or anyting that haqppens or whenever or what time, just always looks sexy ;)

  • love bieber

    I love you justin bieber
    me to I ‘m not happy today

  • Andreasardinha


  • love bieber

    Justin Bieber I do not want to see you sad when I see you sad sad turn into a more than you
    Do not cry on the left you did not back this world
    love u justin bieber

  • Bronnie


  • Bieber’s Shawty

    love his face :D<|3

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    but hope he’s fine

  • Yasmin

    Even when you say your happy your Beliebers know the truth we love you and want you to be really happy <3

  • sel

    He’s taking to selena

    • Bieber’s Shawty

      how do u know?

    • #Believe In Biebah

      Damn, not everything he talks/tweets about is about her… Hop off his head for once. -_-

  • SQK

    i think he’s just tired.

  • beebee

    Taking on the world like he has with his music and much more is not easy. Right now it is like big daddy of the music world having his heals nipped by a thousand angry jealous dogs wanting to see him fail, it sucks. I believe maybe he tried with serena again but the answer was NO.

  • xoBelieberxo

    aww.. Justin looks like he wasen’t happy In that picture (Cried) .. I hope he’s alright.

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    hey guys he said he already siad that if i am not smiling it doesn,t mean that i am not happy so
    he is happy
    he is
    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much happy
    so don,t worry about him he is alright
    i hope he is alright
    wow justin u r great i love u i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much justin

  • sofie

    you know maybe he just had a bad day like we all have sometimes. I think he is truly happy. I mean if you look at justins past tweets I think you see that he is in a good place. I dont think you should take it so seriously. of course we all want to see him real happy. but I don’t think we have to worry too much. he says himself that he is happy even though he is not smiling. Love you so much justin and keep doing what you love. can’t wait for another album. I know I’m gonna love it.

  • leanne:d

    yer al rong!!!! his just not smilling wats up wit ye peeps!!!! :( i hav sad face dat doesent mean im sad!!!! luv u justin bieber!!!!! (L)

  • beebee

    Justin was at selena’s house for 1 hour and then they both left separately.That doesn’t sound good. In this pic he looks like he has been crying and his eyes don’t have that sparkle of happiness. I wish he would forget about serena and move on. There are plenty of women that would want him as a friend/ boyfriend.

    • ivan

      I agree with you. Also I don’t know how he can smile with rabid dogs like TMZ going after everything he does as if he is committing crime after crime a la Lohan.
      Finally, he should move out of that neighborhood in L.A. immediately! Most bad publicity for him has come from there due to police stoping his car over and over, Lil twist and his parties and driving, bad neighbors, bad paps, Selena Gomez-get out of there!p

  • beebee

    Yes Ivan he needs to get another place with more land. This neighbor just walked right up on his property. Where is the security? This freak Martin who says he still wants Beiber dead has supposedly more clowns out to do the deed for him. No wonder Justin wants to blow off steam racing his car.

  • hayat

    <3 <3 <3

  • believer101

    Oh Justin its okay we know ur happy overall but not right now we believers know how u are
    we forever we will always love you

  • JUSTINS Belieber

    Love u too

    • AULANI


  • baby red

    I hope he is ok becuz I hate seeing him like this

    • ivan

      It is being reported Lil twist threw a party in his house-one of many?-with pot, booze, girls, loud music. He has to move out and get away from those people. Move to a nice neighborhood with a younger crowd. The people he lives next to are probably older types who don’t like people like him around.

  • Nikolxoxo

    Leanne bbz U ere”?

  • leanne:d

    Hey bbzzz :D

  • Nikol xoxo

    where are uu bbz ?? xxxxxxxx

  • Nikol xoxo

    yay ur here

  • Nikol xoxo

    so bored wit out u :\

  • Nikol xoxo

    i luv angelina’s jolie lips :*

  • leanne:d

    Do u wanna talk abot boyzzzzz (H)