Justin Bieber Accused of Battery and Fighting with Calabasas Neighbor!


A neighbor accused Justin Bieber of battery and police responded by heading over to his home in California to investigate the matter further on March 26th, TMZ reported.

From TMZ:

The argument between Bieber and the accuser was NOT over a party … it had to do with a Ferrari.

Bieber had the car delivered to his home last night on a flatbed truck … and this morning, he was racing the vehicle up and down the streets.

Neighborhood sources tell us … the neighbor was furious about the deafening noise AND felt Justin was endangering the community by tearing through the streets at breakneck speeds.

We’re told the neighbor went over to confront Justin about the situation … and that’s when the two sides got into a screaming match.

  1. ha ha thats funny bc hes in europe so theres no evidence that he was in a fight haha he/she needs to face palm themselves

  2. That just goes to show that TMZ is full of crap! They make up a story about Justin Bieber, and it’s hilarious that they didn’t know Justin was touring all the way in Europe! Good, TMZ just outed themselves for being the biggest Liars! I can’t wait until Justin Bieber tweets about this. Ha!

    • Some claim he left for Los Angeles after Poland to return to Germany for his next concert on 28th? But the point is these are contradictory reports and this guy might, like that pap some time ago, be trying to get money from him. The media has jumped on this as usual to smear him as angry and needing rehab and haters are posting their usual dumb comments. How many times does Justin have to be prove right before they give him the benefit of a doubt

  3. Justin was In Germany. He was not even there in his neighborhood. Just another poor excuse to acuse him of battery. #Stupid

  4. Come on we all know how amazing and talented JB is but pls two places at once??? TMZ instead of reporting this kind of crap why dont you report all the good JB does. Like what he and his talent generates for charity everyday

  5. ew really why? i seriously don’t wanna see selena’s face ok and your all lien ok Justin can do whatever he wants

    • He was photographed in his black car today in L.A. So apparently he returned for a couple of days then returns to Europe. that pic above is apparently an older pic with what appears to be Selena. bieber-news.com has the pics of the 26th

  6. No he was in L.A their is a picture of him driving his range rover today in Los Angeles just go to bieber- news.com you’ll see

  7. I feel for Justin Bieber, he’s not even in the country & yet he’s accused of doing something. I believe people are out to get rich quick,get some kind of publicity just because they say that JB did something to them! I’m sure we can understand why he has trust issues & why he’s so sad! I hope he knows that not everyone is out to get him, he’s loved by so many!!!

    • Ikr this drama is starting to make me sick then anything else I just don’t really care anymore im tired of this crap especially no name gosh.

  8. See the media are on another smear campaign. Must be pissed em off after they failed to bring Justin down with bad publicity.

  9. this is bullsh*t .. and TMZ, openedd their disgusting mouth to talk nonsense !!!! can’t bother to read this.. :(

  10. what is this tmz always say lie y don,t they stop
    but i think its true bcs this news is everywhere
    in yahoo too
    i have seen
    i don,t care this is totally lie
    so i don,t think so
    i love u justin i love u justin i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    but i think its true n its lie i mean 50 50
    but i am with u always justin

  11. Publicity that’s all they want like he’s touring for believe he’s in like Germany now if their his neighbours shouldn’t they know that he’s away ????????????

  12. He’s overseas performing besides I really don’t believe this it’s a rumor!!! But either way slow down on the roads biebs don’t want to see you in big trouble for your Beliebers please slow down love ya bro be safe overseas

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