Justin Bieber Fan Dies From Leukemia #ripBriana


An 11-year-old leukemia patient – Briana – has died on Monday. Her parents announced the sad news on Sunday via “Justin for Briana” Facebook page:

Our beautiful Briana is now in heaven. Our sweet angel was such an inspiration. She never stopped believing. Our hearts are shattered… Briana Tejeda Ü you’ll be forever missed.

Justin addressed the death on Monday:

Just got news about little Briana. I was honored to meet her. I know she is up in heaven smiling. #ripBriana #love.

Briana’s family replied a short time later, tweeting:

Thank you Justin. Our family and specially us parents are very grateful. #ripBriana #love #justinforbriana

  1. Awww Briana! I am crying right now!! D: You Shallo Rest In Peace Baby! Oh and im 2nd! BOOO YAHHH xD, love u justin and love you briana!

  2. That was so sweet of Justin Bieber to meet her. RIP poor little girl. :( I’m sure that nobody will report the positive things Justin has done. Don’t worry, because at the end of the day Justin knows that he has a heart of gold. It’s sad that all the good Justin Bieber does goes unknown.

  3. Awee ): my thoughts and prayers go out to the girl and her family im sadden just by hearing the sad news r.i.p little angel

  4. RIP briana !!keep smiling u and avalanna (missing her) LOVE U both Justin loves u

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww sad so sad
    i love u justin i love u i love u i love u i love u i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. Aw, R.I.P. Briana. Weird, I have a friend named that. 0_o But anyway, it’s really good Justin got to see her. But unfortunately, these things by Justin go unnoticed. Thanks, media. -____-

  7. we lost another one aw and balling :( am glad she met he idol be for the lord toke her life but now she is playing in heaven R.I.P you will be missed and you to avalanna :( :) <3

  8. R.I.P Brianna
    R.I.P Avalanna
    Hope their in Heaven with Jesus and God
    Lord bless them :)
    They will always be our angels!

  9. oh no :( I saw her pic with Justin .. before & now she is no more :’(
    RIP Briana !
    Love ya girl !

    & even OUR IDOL is soo sweet to everyone :)

  10. I known Briana personal. She was my sister best friend. Briana you are in a better place and thank you Justin Bieber for making her dreams come true

  11. Awww I wish dha haters can see how good Justin is. Well i wish i have a cancer or some kind of illness soo Justin will noticed meh to. Hayy…

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