Justin Bieber Gets Birthday Wishes From Celebs and Family On Twitter


Celebrities and Bieber-family are rallying together on Twitter to wish Justin a very happy birthday!

Nicki Minaj ‏✔: Happy Birthday my G!!! @justinbieber ;p

Niall Horan ✔: Big happy birthday @justinbieber , have a good day bro !

Carly Rae Jepsen ✔: Happy Birthday to an incredible artist and friend. @JustinBieber ~enjoy 19!

Nicole Scherzinger ✔: Was working out at the gym this morning and ran into @justinbieber Happy Birthday Sweetie! xo

Ellen DeGeneres ✔: Happy birthday, @JustinBieber! The screaming fans, the Twitter following, the perfect hair — I’m sorry, I’m thinking of me.

Cody Simpson ✔: happy birthday to my mate @justinbieber see u tonight

Miley Cyrus ✔: I’m with every other @justinbieber fan. I wanna be at his birthday party! Shit gonnnnnna goooooo offfffffff! #turnup #19

Pattie Mallette ✔: Happy 19th Birthday @justinbieber!! First Bday I’m not with you! Miss u like crazy. Have a good one!!! Love mom. Xoxo

Ryan Butler ✔: ’Bout to be a C.R.A.Z.Y night out with the fellas.

Scooter Braun ✔: Spoke to the kid and wished him happy bday. He is gonna go hard tonight and well deserved. @justinbieber enjoy your day! Happy 19th Bday!!

Alfredo Flores ✔: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! Celebrations begin NOW! @justinbieber love u bro!

Jon M Chu ✔: Happy Birthday bro!! When some wait for you to fall, you fly. Thanks for always inspiring me. Here’s to 19! #Believe

Carin Morris ✔: Always a kid to me! Happy 19th @justinbieber. Love your whole face!

Ryan Good ✔: Happy birthday justin!!!

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