Justin Bieber Gets Birthday Wishes From Celebs and Family On Twitter


Celebrities and Bieber-family are rallying together on Twitter to wish Justin a very happy birthday!

Nicki Minaj ‏✔: Happy Birthday my G!!! @justinbieber ;p

Niall Horan ✔: Big happy birthday @justinbieber , have a good day bro !

Carly Rae Jepsen ✔: Happy Birthday to an incredible artist and friend. @JustinBieber ~enjoy 19!

Nicole Scherzinger ✔: Was working out at the gym this morning and ran into @justinbieber Happy Birthday Sweetie! xo

Ellen DeGeneres ✔: Happy birthday, @JustinBieber! The screaming fans, the Twitter following, the perfect hair — I’m sorry, I’m thinking of me.

Cody Simpson ✔: happy birthday to my mate @justinbieber see u tonight

Miley Cyrus ✔: I’m with every other @justinbieber fan. I wanna be at his birthday party! Shit gonnnnnna goooooo offfffffff! #turnup #19

Pattie Mallette ✔: Happy 19th Birthday @justinbieber!! First Bday I’m not with you! Miss u like crazy. Have a good one!!! Love mom. Xoxo

Ryan Butler ✔: ’Bout to be a C.R.A.Z.Y night out with the fellas.

Scooter Braun ✔: Spoke to the kid and wished him happy bday. He is gonna go hard tonight and well deserved. @justinbieber enjoy your day! Happy 19th Bday!!

Alfredo Flores ✔: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! Celebrations begin NOW! @justinbieber love u bro!

Jon M Chu ✔: Happy Birthday bro!! When some wait for you to fall, you fly. Thanks for always inspiring me. Here’s to 19! #Believe

Carin Morris ✔: Always a kid to me! Happy 19th @justinbieber. Love your whole face!

Ryan Good ✔: Happy birthday justin!!!

  • imogen charleson

    happy birthday justin bieber have great time thx to my fans and justin beiber fans

  • cindy

    Love You Justin

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow justin i love u justin i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much happy birthday

  • No.1aussiebelieber

    I’m sooooo sorry to hear about what happened on your birthday! :( I love u! :`(

  • selena gomez

    I Love you……….Want you back…

    • hiskia a.k.a mamen




  • essie j

    that’s great all his friends wished him a happy Bday :D

  • Melyananda Shafera (IndonesianBeliebers)

    love y’ Justin! Indonesia waiting u! hope u always be number 1 idol! :D :* Beliebers Indonesia always love u Justin! one more, HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  • melissachettri

    happi birthday justin <3 u and will always

  • Hi

    Nicki minaj said happy b day too? Where is she

  • BELIEBER :))

    @Melyananda im Belieber from indonesia too :) happy Birthday Justin !! Don’t sad, don’t scared beliebers here for you :) Always Forever

  • Talya

    Lol I just love Ellen haha

    • oxBelieberxo

      me too. She’s funny

  • Desss

    I wonder if Selena told him happy birthday…..

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Happy Birthday Justin I love u :D :) xxx

  • justin tushar

    watch tushar singing baby on youtube

  • ariane.justin

    oi justin

  • Marlene

    Happy bday Justin!! I love you soo much!! Wow cant believe your finally 19! Next year..20. Happy Bday i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Justin Beiber

    I love you guys


      be a good boy and more blessing that will you deserve:”{{:{}”: jean


      i always beliebers yaP!!!!!!

    • julia

      I luv u 2

  • Bulan Bijak

    Happy Birthday Kidrauhl, luv yaaaah

  • sastika Yeah Its Me A TRUE BELIEBER Right HERE

    WOW!! HOPE THESE WISHES FOR Justin MAKES HIM happy >>love u

  • foodybu

    where’s usher?


    OMG niall posted and I love u 2 justin I saw that u had posted on here that u love us so love you 2 justin bieber ur the best and always be kidrauhl no matter what I will always be a fan of you and I will always will be a fan I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER

  • Milie Loves Kidrauhl

    Omg Niall <3 anyways love you Kidrauhl!

  • JB Lover

    Happyy Birthdayy my….??? anyways happy birthday Justin. Love you bby!

  • PauSanchez


    You’re such a beatiful person!
    You’re so talented! I still can’t believe that at you’re age you have so much!
    Love u like nobody else!
    Happy Birthday Justin!

  • sup

    ha ha ha funny on ellen

  • hiskia a.k.a mamen

    happy birthday my lilbro..

  • Mary

    Have fun much love :)xxx

  • julia

    Happy bday justin i luv u so much have a wonderful bday

  • bieber fever

    i love you justin bieber :*

  • justin priya

    i uv u bieber