Justin Bieber Grabs Jaden Smith’s Ass!



    • You are right. They post his semi-nude pics in gay sites then act as if he posted them in those sites. Now they will probably say he and Jaden are gay. The morons among us!

  1. PERFECT BABE PERFECT and jaden u’re sooooooo luckkkyyyyyy ok u’ve been touched by an angel dude

  2. Omg.Justin touched jadens butt.jaden Is sooooooo lucky.anyways I lovvvveeeee you justtttiiiinnnn and jaden.I loveeee y’all sooo much.

  3. Lol. For the two stupid ass haters up there, he’s not f*cking gay. They’re good friends, it was a joke. By the way, you realize Jaden’s 14 and Justin’s 19, right? Gosh damn, do you haters not f*cking understand that when you post hate comments on a fansite, it doesn’t make you look cool. It doesn’t make you more popular. It doesn’t make anybody wanna listen to you. Hell no, it just makes you look completely stupid, pathetic, thirsty (desperate for attention, since I know you didn’t understand that) and like you have no life and nothing better to do than hate on a fansite, staying up all night thinking of things to say. Bieber is not going down, and probably won’t for a while. Get used to it, bitches. All right, I think I got my point across.

  4. haha it’s funny but seriously u dont have to post hate comments on this site. we love justin and that’s the point of this site

  5. That is the worst move everrrr you are not a normal boyyyyy Justin bieber or should I call you Justin gayyyyyy boy :(:(**

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