Justin Bieber Grabs Jaden Smith’s Ass!



  • Delaney McSwain

    AHAHAHAHA saaaa coooote !!! Love you Justin ;) xxxxxxx

  • Joanna

    Haha Their just good buddies! <3 Love you Justin

    • jiqwesha

      yeah there just buddies its not like Justin was trying to be nasty, he was just havin fun its normal.

  • Belieberforever#1

    Hahaha awkward but anyways they’re both so cute

  • Saphera

    Lol.But hear comes the gay word when those silly kids see this.

    • ivan

      You are right. They post his semi-nude pics in gay sites then act as if he posted them in those sites. Now they will probably say he and Jaden are gay. The morons among us!

  • Mel Bieber

    Lol luv u justin and jaden

  • Beauty To His Beat

    aw love there bromance ♥

    • Justinismine

      I don’t know y u people say he is gay when he is just having fun with his bro!

  • hiskia a.k.a mamen

    haha ur funny dude.. When we meet..

  • Belieber forever ( believe)

    PERFECT BABE PERFECT and jaden u’re sooooooo luckkkyyyyyy ok u’ve been touched by an angel dude

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    hahahahah that,s so funny i love u justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • TAHANI


  • khloe99

    • The real biebah

      what do u mean by “…” i just never seem to understand it :(

      • Narmadha

        HEHEHE IKR :D

    • khloe99

      It means that I just have no idea what to comment. Im just clueless on what to say really

  • Real Alisha


    • TAHANI


  • Hillary

    Omg.Justin touched jadens butt.jaden Is sooooooo lucky.anyways I lovvvveeeee you justtttiiiinnnn and jaden.I loveeee y’all sooo much.

  • essie j

    LMFAO they are both crazy ;)

  • f\\uk bieber

    one word gaaaaaaaaaaay

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      F*ck you !

      • porshe

        u are so rude and if u hat jb the i HATE you

      • Team Justin

        Bad language

      • Team Justin

        If you are going to say that then I HATE you I told my mom and dad that you said that and then they called 911 then they told my mom and dad that you should be not say that and you should of not text that I HATE your fricking gutes!!!!!!!!!!

      • Team Justin

        Ha! Ha! Ha! You think your so cute.?????

      • Team Justin

        Never say that your parents are deed to me

      • Mrs.bieber

        I love how you speeck you need to stop

      • Mrs.bieber

        Are you 7 ???? I am 11

      • Mrs.bieber

        I guess that you are scared and you started a nouther topic

      • Mrs.bieber

        What state are you from???

      • Mrs.bieber

        I am from Hollywood !!!

      • Mrs.bieber

        How did you think of that???

    • cutiepie

      shut up

    • No Name

      guess u couldn’t come up with a better username huh gggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy idiot???

      • jiqwesha morant

        Why r u Messin with her

    • Never say never

      Go to hell.

    • jiqwesha morant

      I love Justin and Jaden to they r good budds

    • jiqwesha morant

      six words why r u on this site,

    • hannah mahone bieber

      stfu hes not gay hes just having fun with his best bud.its called BROMANCE

  • bieber is going down

    see told ya he was gay

    • tabitha.morales


    • TAHANI


  • sup

    hey shut the f“`k up he is not gay okay your just a fu\\ hater who dont have a life


      FINALY! someone who will help us beliebers stick up for justin!!!! :)

      • No Name

        How am I taking things 2 far I just want u 2 know that I will no longer hate EVEN THOUGH I NEVER DID and I will be here 2 see any drama with anyone and stop it stick up whatever u want 2 call it support is what I will do ;)

    • tabitha.morales

      i agree with you

      • No Name

        ummmmmmm hello what the hell do u think I’m also here 4
        that’s really low and that’s when I get mad

      • Mel Bieber

        @No Name thank u for ur help too.

    • Saphera

      They was just joking we didn’t really mean to call him that gosh take a joke you just taking it way to far.I love my baby Justin<3.

  • mrs.swaggiebieber

    Hell, yeah! Boy can grab my a$$ any day. GO grab Jaden’s lol. #assgrab lol lmfao rt now

  • tabitha.morales

    hyfr i love that ass

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Haha awww bromance :)

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Lol. For the two stupid ass haters up there, he’s not f*cking gay. They’re good friends, it was a joke. By the way, you realize Jaden’s 14 and Justin’s 19, right? Gosh damn, do you haters not f*cking understand that when you post hate comments on a fansite, it doesn’t make you look cool. It doesn’t make you more popular. It doesn’t make anybody wanna listen to you. Hell no, it just makes you look completely stupid, pathetic, thirsty (desperate for attention, since I know you didn’t understand that) and like you have no life and nothing better to do than hate on a fansite, staying up all night thinking of things to say. Bieber is not going down, and probably won’t for a while. Get used to it, bitches. All right, I think I got my point across.

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      hell yeah u right !

    • bieber girl

      I agree with you daughteroflordrauhl
      Plus why are the haters on this fansite if they just wanna hate
      I REALY hate haters!!

    • hannah mahone bieber

      i agree with daughter of lordrhaul lol

  • Andreasardinha


    • No Name

      y don’t u try spaces btween your words it really helps :)

  • maxi bieber

    haha it’s funny but seriously u dont have to post hate comments on this site. we love justin and that’s the point of this site

  • oxBelieberxo

    Oh my Gosh, Justin.. U are funny! lol

  • alicia

    los dos son muy lindos

  • JaylaBieber

    “Sweet ass grab.”- Kellin Quinn

  • Taylor Swift

    Such bromance, hahahahaha I’m trying to make you two MAD!!!!!!

    Geez you two,

  • JB…and ME !!!!!

    thats cute.

    • Hannah

      Yes it is

  • Hannah

    Haha very funny I love you justin you got collapsed you will be ok

  • Not cute man

    That is the worst move everrrr you are not a normal boyyyyy Justin bieber or should I call you Justin gayyyyyy boy :(:(**

    • Never say never

      Same to you. @NOTCUTEMAN.

    • hannah mahone bieber

      calm down hes not gay hes just having fun with his best bud.its called BROMANCE !!!!!!!!!!

  • foodybu

    justin’s just trying to hold jaden’s dress.. er.. i mean pants up