Justin Bieber NEO Interactive LookBook Spring 2013


Justin Bieber appearing in the NEO label’s interactive lookbook. Justin’s lookbook lets users click on the outfits in each video clip and purchase them right away… no annoying waiting necessary. His section is appropriately labeled #Swaggy, and showcases Justin’s dressed in a black crewneck, worn jeans, and navy 3-stripe sneakers. Can play his campaign here.

And oh.. Justin Bieber’s NEO campaign is now in stores too
justin bieber adidas neo

  1. luanna ferreira
  2. fu** justin b**ch bieber forever
    • Amber
    • Amber
    • Amber
    • Bieber's Shawty
    • Selena Bieber
  3. Belibah till forevs :-D
  4. Desss
  5. ReshmiBieber
  6. bieber,s shawty forever
  7. keshnie bieber
  8. keshnie bieber
  9. Mrs.Bieber
  10. JUSTINS Belieber
  11. Xavier jackson) Boybelieber
  12. Tan
  13. breanna bieber
    • Jenna
  14. JaylaBieber
  15. #Believe In Biebah
  16. sastika Yeah Its Me A TRUE BELIEBER Right HERE
  17. BBB.Belieberxxx
  18. JUSTINS Belieber
  19. #Believe In Biebah
  20. BieberForever
  21. beliebergerman99
    • Swagalicious
  22. AULANI
  23. Biebz

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