Justin Bieber Refused to Be On The Cover of His Mom’s Book


New rumor says Justin Bieber refused to be on the cover of his mom’s book “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom”, reports RadarOnline.com.

While Pattie Mallette still had her book deal in the works, the publisher allegedly wanted Justin Bieber on the cover to draw sales. So, she agreed without Justin knowing and when she finally asked him, a screaming match ensued, the insider revealed.

The insider told Radar (most likely fake source):

When Justin’s mom initially signed her book deal it included an agreement that Justin would appear on the cover with her, but she signed this deal without his consent.

When things with her book finally started coming to fruition, she approached him about being on the cover and he threw a massive hissy fit. Justin felt like it was unfair to him. 

It was literally a screaming match in his dressing room and Scooter had to step in and tell them that it was not the appropriate time or place,” the source said.

He finally broke down closer to the release of the book and agreed to do a press junket with her for the big outlets to promote it, but the whole thing was so awkward and uncomfortable.

Justin knows that Pattie has a completely unrealistic existence thanks to him. She was a part of the process, absolutely.

But the little sh*t does work his ass off.

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  • jojo

    2nd yea buddy!!!

  • JB lover

    There’d haha
    Love you jb

  • RB

    Insider “rumors”.

    • xoBelieberxo

      Completely true. All of the things they have said about Justin so far, are basically not true.

      • Betsy

        Not true? He is a smartass no talent idiot. He is rude to people and I have not bought any of his stupid
        ranting songs. Its not music its screaming!!

  • Blunt

    Wow, that’s pretty sad and pathetic.. it looks better without him on it anyway, it was her time to shine so i guess it all worked out, but still dont yell at your mom, shes the reason why you’re alive, smhh respect your mom everybody.

    • believer forever

      I know that is so sad of justin not going to be on a pic with his mother

      • Luigi Severus

        justin is fat

      • AULANI


      • Betsy

        Like I said he cares for NO ONE! He is a selfish little
        prick! He doesn’t respect his mother and he could careless about his so called fans. Movie stars most of them are rip offs and are brainless drug head on a
        hight most of the time and clueless. Someone needs to knock some since into his dumb head. He is a jerk! And the tatoos I think are the most stupid thing a person can do. You can into this world without them. Disgusting and looks trashy like a porno or slut!!

    • Rue b

      ugh stfu because that’s bullshit I you’re really going to believe this ‘insider’. that the problem with idiot these days who’s gotta believe only what unknown people say. like please get a life and stop being gullible. And Luigi your comment is literally irrelevant because I bet Justin is skinnier than your pathetic ass. If not then your anorexic. Justin has abs so stop posting stupid comment on here because we certainly don’t want them. Wasting your lives dudes.

    • xoBelieberxo

      @Luigi Serverus: You think Justin is fat? .. Justin is super-fit. He is not fat at all

    • lilou

      ouais et en plus si sa se trouve il y avait des tas de gens qui attendais de voir sa foto sur le livre

  • True bieber lover

    Hey, jb your are always right and you are so cute

    • Tahani

      That,he is, he’s so adorable and cute

  • lol

    like, really u gonna believe it? really?? media just wanna to put somethig bad abaut him, tomorrow u gonna hear more borings rumors

  • Suzanne Smith

    OMG is every person in the world, including his mother, trying to make a dollar off of him!!! So Sad! I truly have changed my opinion of his mother. I read her book and Ithought it was kinda creepy. Not worth the time. I feel realy sorry for him now because I see that everyone is after the money. Does anyone really care for him?

    • Rue b

      bitch your comment is also irrelevant. so what if the woman wants to branch herself out to better things than be only known of Justin Bieber’s mom. even she had a life too. Ugh you make me nauseated

    • Zoey Brenda

      YOU Wouldn’t even care about him if he was famous either so stfu.

      • Rue b

        And how would you know? Do you know me? I think not. Besides if I had a chance to know justin I would take that chance as a blessing. And I got my own money and I don’t need nobody getting me things except for myself. Girl to somewhere with all that because your comment is so judgemental

  • Wild CHILD!

    sometimes I think patty is only famous for bringing Justin to the world. Don’t say nothing it is just my opinion

  • Wild CHILD!

    Also not to be mean but why in the hell does she have a book in the first place. She has done nothing rememberable. And I think it is shity to tell all that shit that happened in ur life like drug problems and u being rapped when no one cares about u. Most just care about Justin because he is the one who did all the work. If she wants to be an author and shit make a book that’s awesome like the hunger games or some other crap like that

    • Rue b

      excuse you but we care about pattie very much. and if she wants to feelings to be heard then so be it because us beliebers wanted the know the whole story. I mean we are grateful of pattie and if she wants to be known more than Justin Bieber’s mom then let her make a name of herself.

      • bieberloverchick

        If she wanted to be known more than justin’s mom she wouldn’t have put the story of Justin bieber’s mom on the front cover of the God damn book. Seriously people read. She even put on of his songs as the title. What u got to say to that? Get all ya facts together before u try to be a smart ass

      • bieberloverchick

        Rue b ur so just ugh. Hate people who try to be smart when they obviously not.

      • Rue b

        What do you mean? I’m confused I’m saying pattie can do anything she wants to put her mind to?! I’m not trying to be smart because I’m giving her respect to what she believes in so mind you of that. And I’m mean that pattie doesn’t need to stand in the shadows of justin so she could make a name of herself because pattie is an individual. And what do you mean read? I know he god damn title of the book since I READ it. Like your comment confuses me because it makes no sense what so ever.

      • Rue b


  • Xavier bieber

    Cmon Justin bro make your mom proud & happy of you love you man

  • unique

    I highly doubt this is true because the media are huge bitch asses but i don’t get why she has a book. I mean she’s cool people but srsly. Anyway her life I have no say in it. I’m just happy for both Justin and her.

  • honey

    I hope everyone on here is smart enough not to believe this insider

    • Tahani

      I love your name honey, it reminds me of someone I knew in Hawaii, but she was a dancer. POLYNESIAN

      • barbie


  • Bieber’s Shawty

    wow, all this Month, about Justin, 2 be hated on, c’mon insider, find something better to write bout than making up crap, dat doesn’t even make senses,. geezz, u just want to put bad image on justin datz all, but sorry im not gonna believe ur crap dat u just wrote.. :O leave justin alone.. :(

  • Zoey

    Radar online trying to be Tmz i see

  • sastika Yeah Its Me A TRUE BELIEBER Right HERE

    this is just crapy shit! just hate!! why??/ don’t u fool write good about Justin?? if u cant ,don’t write any bt stop these!!! They are just amazing inspiration to all… not for fame n ol

  • Belieber

    are you really going to listen to that crap. and his mum is not trying to get money off him.GOD!! Justin and his mum have a really good relationship so im not going to listen to that crap

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow that awesome i love u justin i love u i love u i love u i love u

  • xzi

    TYPICAL! So much for those INSINCERE messages he was sending her on Twitter about “raising him right”! He wouldn’t even pose for a freaking picture for her! #selfish

  • Rue b

    For a person critizes him you sure keep up with him. Like who knows if this information is rigt? From an ‘insider’. Like I hope you have some sense that everyone lies about this stuff. So believe what you want but ‘insiders’ are never good. That’s why people huge others so quickly. And he is not selfish.

    • xzi

      He is TOTALLY selfish! Doesn’t care about his fans, didn’t care about Selena and now it seems he doesn’t care about his own mother! Unbelievable!

      • Rue b

        Let see if he’s so selfish he wouldn’t have have his supposed OLLG free M&G tickes when he collasped. When justin had enough moneyhe bought his mom a new house. Selena is not a good example but held pretty much bought her things and rented out the staple center just to watch the damn titanic. And don’t even say he’s selfish after all the charities he’s donated to and all the work he’s done. When just broke his leg or threw up or even recently fainted he kept going on with out even cancling the concert. He gives and gives and gives but you can’t get your head out of the rumors and the recent publicity to look at the real justin and what he’s done because the paps don’t want a happy story or to show what kindness he’s done. He isn’t selfish after all the stuff he’s done when he didn’t have to just not wanting to be on the cover of his moms book is selfish. It’s not a big deal and who even says its TRUE. Do you believe everything ‘insiders’ tell you or you just jump to conclusions to quickly?

      • xzi

        It’s EASY to throw some money at a charity when you’re worth $110 million! He’s selfish cause he doesn’t think about the feelings of other ppl. That’s why him and Selena finished, that’s why he couldn’t be bothered showing up on time in London, that’s why he bullied that pap and that’s why he argued with his mom over this. I mean srsly, I would give my mom all the money I have if she asked me! And he won’t just pose for a pic? #unforgivable Oh and I believe it cause it matches the pattern of him being mean and arguing with everyone cause he is a BRAT!

      • Rue b

        How did he bully the paps when they started it? He isn’t wanted to get to his car and the paps didn’t have to say anything back but call I’m the c word and told him Togo back to America. Justin doesn’t break often so that must have hurt his feelings. It’s like Justin’s actually breaking point and I don’t blame him. If its so easy to throw money how about you do it because justin doesn’t have to do it ya know. Even when his perfume came out he planed that have the proceed go to a charity and wih that many girls who bought it raised alot of money. And your not getting what I’ve been saying for who knows how long WHAT IF THIS INSIDER IS FAKE. Again do you believe what people throw at you without any back up or support. They can easily say something. Like how would you trust a person who doesn’t give a name or even what my teacher calls TEXTUAL support. Again do you believe everything people tell you and obviously believe it without questioning. Like come on. And your making a bigger deal on a picture when t has nothing to do with you. I bet your making it a bigger deal than anyone else. Like what if justin wanted his book with him and his mom and his mom declined? Well ok leave it at that because its a damn picture! Stunting something that doesn’t include or have anything related to you is just stupid. It’s none of or concerned because it has nothing to do with any of us. Unforgivable on not taking a pictures it’s like me not wanting to be in a picture with my friends for sprin pictures. And why would justin even want to be in the picture when it’s about PATTIE. Not justin. And Selena and justin are like 2 months behind me so that doesn’t concern me. Like I say for a person who criticizes him your really try to keep up with him.

  • Biggest Belieber

    I’d say that pattie didn’t even want justin in the book no offense or anyting but I mean de book is about pattie I mean maybe she wants to be known not only as ‘Justin Biebers mom’ but I feel dat justin is drifting away from his family and friends and seems depressed it worries me……….

  • Gen.

    When it says rumors ITS NOT TRUE! Justin and Pattie is perfect! LOL.S wanna have dhis book :*

  • lala

    Doesnt even make sense. His mom gets all the money she wants anyway, he bouth her home and she spends alot of his money bying expensive stuff and he is OK with it. Why the hell it will be such a huge problem if she used his picture on her book ? Why would she want his picture on her book anyway ? If anyone uses Justin for his advantage is his manager Scooter and his ghetto friends.

    • ivan

      I don’t believe anything from these sites till it’s confirmed-they are wrong so many times. If Pattie or Justin confirm it than i will believe it

  • essie j

    RUMORS ;)

  • Never say never

    Yes rumors.

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  • Barbie


  • missbiebs94

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! <3333

  • Live&Shine

    All these rumors. All these shity rumors. I swear the Media will make stupid crap and the people of this world actually have the time of day to listen and worry over it instead of their own lives. All the comments like @Rue B or @Xavior Bieber (I’m not putting u on the spot so before u say something stupid calm ya tits) just like, why do people make crap up let alone believe it? Media acts like the anoying popular crew that will do anything to ruin ya life. OMG! IT’S THE WEEKEND AND I FEEL LIKE I’M IN SCHOOL!

    • Rue b

      Exactly. I don’t believe ‘insiders’

  • Live&Shine

    Also, am I the only one who finds it ironic she put “the story of Justin Bieber’s mom?” lol. but yea. definatly another stupid rumor like always.

  • JaylaBieber

    It’s Pattie’s book. Her face on the cover. The end.