KCA’s Challenge Day2: Tweets #KCAMessagetoBieber

KCA Beliebers Army #2

The “Photo Challenge” Day 1 was a close call, but the Rushers took home the point. We still have 8 days left to earn the title of #1 Fan Army.

KCA’s challenge Day 2 – “Message of Love Challenge”.

Mission: Send Justin a KCA message of love on Twitter using the hashtag #KCAMessagetoBieber. If we gets the most submissions in the next 24 hours, we wins the point for Day 2.

Here are the current rankings:
1st Place: Rushers, 1 point
2nd Place: Beliebers, 0 points
2nd Place: Directioners, 0 points
2nd Place: KatyCats, 0 points
2nd Place: Swifties, 0 points

  1. xoBelieberxo
  2. Andreasardinha
  3. Steph
  4. daughterofLordRauhl
  5. brodie
  6. Mel Bieber
  7. Monica
  8. Desss
  9. $$$belieber ***forever$$$
  10. love jb
  11. tya bieber cusanto

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