PIC: Justin Bieber’s Pac Hamster is Dead! #RIPPAC


Justin Bieber’s PAC hamster is dead. PAC has passed away from “old age” according to a tweet from the new owner, Victoria aka Tori.

The PAC hamster was Justin’s tour buddy for awhile until he gave him away to her, a random fan, outside his Atlanta show last year.

While Justin hasn’t responded to PAC’s passing yet, Beliebers all over have been tweeting about the loss. #RIPPAC is trending on Twitter on March 12!

Tori tweeted Justin and Alfredo Flores and thanked them for giving her PAC.

“thank u guys for what u done for me. Having him was truly a blessing & a small beacon of hope! I love u guys!”

Victoria also promises to give PAC a proper burial.


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