PICS: Justin Bieber Leaving Austria Hotel (March30)

justin bieber in austria 2013_mkhhnlRg9o1qhft5ko5_r1_1280

Justin Bieber leaving his hotel in Austria.

“Love to all the fans outside! That was crazy. Post the pics so I can see them. Get ready for the show! #vienna #BELIEVEtour”

10+ pics inside

  1. essie j
  2. Nicki
  3. FormerBelieber
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    • ivan
      • #Believe In Biebah
  4. leanne:d
    • JaylaBieber
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      • ivan
  5. Mrs.Belieber
  6. Belieberforever#1
  7. Tarini
  8. bieber,s shawty forever
  9. Leanne:d
  10. leanne:d