PICS: Justin Bieber Leaving Austria Hotel (March30)

justin bieber in austria 2013_mkhhnlRg9o1qhft5ko5_r1_1280

Justin Bieber leaving his hotel in Austria.

“Love to all the fans outside! That was crazy. Post the pics so I can see them. Get ready for the show! #vienna #BELIEVEtour”

10+ pics inside

  1. I am done being a belieber. I know this doesn’t relate to the post, but I’m sick of Justin’s new personality. He does drugs, has sex, and acts like a douchebag to people. I know for a fact that he has sex because he’s been seen going into his hotels with that Ella-paige girl at 3a after they got done clubbing. There ain’t no way in hell they aren’t having sex. Which is ironic because he claims to be such a Christian. He probably still smokes marijuana because he was seen buying a bong in Norway/Sweden or whichever country of which I can not think of at the moment. He gets angry about the stupidest things, and it probably makes him feel so cool when he blows up and cusses at people, but in actuality it makes him seem too immature to handle the situation. Bye Justin.

    • “I’m done being a Belieber” Okay, you were NEVER a Belieber in the first place. A fan, you were a fan. Because a fan leaves after judging Justin. A fan leaves after saying Justin has changed. A fan leaves after saying Justin is having sex with girls. A fan leaves after saying Justin is cursing. A fan leaves for multiple reasons, that are not proven. That’s a fan. A perfect definition of a fan. Not a Belieber. Look, you don’t need to love him anymore, you don’t need to be a fan anymore, you can just leave. Because, we don’t need fans in our fanbase that jump to conclusions and leave. You have your reasons to not like Justin. I’m just stating you were a fan, not a Belieber which you claimed you’ve been. I’m saying to you, that don’t ever call yourself a Belieber. “Bye Justin.” Remember those words…

    • You are wrong about several things. Ella-paige has a boyfriend whose pic I saw-she’s a friend interested in a music career and a fan of Justin not his lover. That Swedish purchase in a store was not of drugs or drug paraphernalia as claimed by some site. it was food or candy. Nothing indicates he has taken drugs beyond pot some time ago on several occasions. No pics claimed by TMZ of a drug drink with Justin preparing or using it has turned up. Maybe they were fake if they existed at all.

      • See, @FormerBelieber? @ivan brought up the facts. You just jumped to conclusions and left. But, remember, “Bye Justin.” :/

  2. justin bieber it al ur fult !!! al ur BELIVERS!! are soon gona be al gon and what are u gona do then bbzzz! ya see da 1 up from me she said she is sick of being a believer!!!! luv u sooo! much justin!!!! but do!!! nt worrie bbz il al wys be a beliver no!! matter what!! bzz :D (L) u!! 8-) from ur BIGEST FAN IN DA WORLD!!!!! LEANNE LAWRENCE!!!! :D and i know ever 1 say dat!! but i mean it bbz from da both my of!! my heart!! n plz get of da DRUGES!! :( plz do!! it for me!! and not just!! me!! bbz :D al da BELIVERS al around da WURLD BBZz :D xoxoxoxoxoxo al my luv from IRELAND BALLINA CO .MAYO xxx ;)

    • Some say he walks like a penguin but it’s because he tries to hide from the paps at times so he stoops over-but I find it funny.

  3. he got swag, and Justin,Baby.. its okay… one belieber thats goes away is not gonna hurt you.. you have all over the world so thats not gonna matter i love you justin forever BELIEBER FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  4. wow his clothes n everything wow killer style justin u r looking hoty+sexy i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u justin sooooooooooooooo much

  5. jayla bieber never gona happen bbzz sorry!!!! NOT!! ha ha ha lolololohahahahahhahalol :D :D :D :D da sthet of!! ur rithan bbz n learn how 2 spell bezz face!! ha ha :D

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