Director Jon M Chu talks about Believe 3D Movie


Director Jon M Chu reveals new detail about Justin’s new movie “BELIEVE 3D”.

He tells LAtimes:

It started as just a concert movie but we’ve got so many other things now. We have footage of him writing the first song for his next album on a piece of paper with a pencil. Blank page, erasing, writing. That’s where it starts.

It’s almost about a boy becoming an artist rather than a boy’s life. Because his artistry is his life now.

Unlike the “Never Say Never” movie — which is distributed by Paramount Pictures, Jon Chu said the “Believe” movie does not yet have a distributor:

We haven’t figured it out. We did it independently: me, Scooter and Justin, we own the footage. We’re cutting it and we’re going to see who wants it – maybe it’s a pay per view or maybe direct to DVD.

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