Five Years Ago Today! Scooter Braun Signed Justin Bieber!


@ScooterBraun: 5 years ago we signed his record deal. Time flies.#throwback

justin bieber years ago

wreckineyezthedj: 5 years ago (today), this photo was taken. I remember being at @aproth @blangl3y and @honeyjawnuniversity’s house, rehearsing and playing Mario Kart…then this kid walked in and told us he had just signed a record deal…

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    • brianna

      First what

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    • Jodie810

      He’s grown up so much!! ❤❤

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  • Glory

    Proud of you Justin.

  • brianna

    If we are proud of u u shoud be proud to

  • brianna

    I love jb

    Dose u reaply to pepol sorry first time

  • andrea carrillo

    Aww..im so happy..hes grown up so much and all of us beliebers loved him 5 years ago nd will always love him♥♡

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  • Kelsey Bieber

    My Babez❤❤

    • andrea carrillo

      Myy babe..♥♡

  • andrea carrillo

    Awww soo cute..im so proud of the man he is today..he makes me smile with all his songs..♡♥

  • Marlene

    Awww so many memories! Im so proud of Justin! Man, time does fly really fast! I love you Justin Bieber..FOREVER & ALWAYS!! :D

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  • imani jb girl

    i love u justin i have been a fan since 5 years ago and will never give up on u and i will always have a case of bieber fever i lov u justin

    reply if u agree :)

    • beber fever

      I was five to and i agree

    • JUSTINS Belieber

      Agree to everything u said!

  • love you bieber

    I love u justin bieber XXXXXOOOXXX

  • Maria Bieber

    woooooooooow secute luv ya

  • belieberswagger

    he was so little :’)

  • JaylaBieber

    It’s been 5 years already! He’s grown so much since then. ♥

  • oxBelieberxo

    I’m so proud of Justin & I am also very glad Scooter signed Justin.

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  • JUSTINS Belieber

    Awww<3 there my little man!! Love u justin<3

  • ChristiAngel101

    SO proud to have a role moddel like him i guess if do what your supposed to and work hard and live life to the fullest dreams can come true we love your music JB <3 you have inspired us all –
    A Proud Belieber/Dream Achiever
    – My Twitter

  • ChristiAngel101

    Nothing Like Us … nothing like us beliebers :) – no matter what Justin goes through were there till the very end!!

  • starlight

    awww (‘: tears of happiness

    • ivan

      It’s unfair to compare his earnings over 5 years to a net worth of about 110 million to some celebrities who have been in the business for many more years as a hater did. what he has achieved in 5 years is almost unmatched by most pop artists.

  • Xavier jackson) Belieber forever

    He’s grown up alot #ProudBelieber :) he’s also accomplished so much as well omb I miss the old him, but love the old him even more :3

  • Jb girl

    Justin you are so adorable this day is very spescial

  • Nicki

    I am so proud of you……I had always love you since your first record deal…I love you so much

  • #Believe In Biebah

    5 years ago, this kid saved my life. :)

    • Alisha

      Soo True! Thanx justin! U saved us and make us believe . Luv u juju. #proudbelieber #belieberforever

  • iyana luvs justin bieber


  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    He grow so much #proudbelieber

  • ms.jb4ever

    4ever kidraul so proud of u justin luv u NELIEBER FOREVER

  • belieberrrr

    Omg hes grown so much im so proud hes made some mistakes but thats what life is about and learning from them. Justin is a great guy and a great example of never say never and that u can believe

  • bieber00

    just u so amazing
    proud of you
    follow me please https://twitter.com/Whatupguy96

  • bieber00

    just u so amazing
    proud of you
    follow me please https://twitter.com/Whatupguy96 :)