German Animal Shelter Wants Justin Bieber to Lose his Pet Monkey Custody + Apologize!


A German animal shelter is calling for Justin Bieber to lose custody of his pet monkey “Mally” which was confiscated at Munich airport last week, reports

Officials say:

Mally is around 14 weeks old, she was too young when she was taken away from her mother. Animal welfare organizations do not want to see infant monkeys misused.

There are several organisations which specialise in caring for primates which can take care of Mally and ensure she is looked after so that she can form a social community with her own kind.

We also would expect him to apologize and use his popularity to raise awareness about animal welfare in the future.


PETA Germany told Channel 4 News:

Mally is being treated wonderfully well. She is in excellent hands in a safe place, and she’ll be integrated with other monkeys so that she can receive the social interaction vital to her well-being and psychological growth.

Young people often acquire animals without considering the impact or consequences, and Justin Bieber likely had no idea that Mally was a baby, taken away from her mother at way too young an age. We trust that he’ll do the right thing and pay for Mally to stay in Europe with people who are sensitive to, and familiar with, her unique needs.

Officials at Munich airport say Justin will be fined for illegally bringing the monkey into Germany.

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