German Animal Shelter Wants Justin Bieber to Lose his Pet Monkey Custody + Apologize!


A German animal shelter is calling for Justin Bieber to lose custody of his pet monkey “Mally” which was confiscated at Munich airport last week, reports

Officials say:

Mally is around 14 weeks old, she was too young when she was taken away from her mother. Animal welfare organizations do not want to see infant monkeys misused.

There are several organisations which specialise in caring for primates which can take care of Mally and ensure she is looked after so that she can form a social community with her own kind.

We also would expect him to apologize and use his popularity to raise awareness about animal welfare in the future.


PETA Germany told Channel 4 News:

Mally is being treated wonderfully well. She is in excellent hands in a safe place, and she’ll be integrated with other monkeys so that she can receive the social interaction vital to her well-being and psychological growth.

Young people often acquire animals without considering the impact or consequences, and Justin Bieber likely had no idea that Mally was a baby, taken away from her mother at way too young an age. We trust that he’ll do the right thing and pay for Mally to stay in Europe with people who are sensitive to, and familiar with, her unique needs.

Officials at Munich airport say Justin will be fined for illegally bringing the monkey into Germany.

    • Justin Bieber has been shown to mistreat animals in the past and should not be allowed anymore. With his drug addiction he could risk danger upon them.

      Once he is more mature he can have it no bother.

      • you pay too much attention to rumors. someone said that because he gave his hampster to a fan. as for drugs he is not into drugs: another rumor. someone gave him the monkey as a belated birthday present. I am sure he didn’t know much about monkeys and no intentation of harming it. justin loves animals.

      • drug addiction…bitch bye like you see one picture of him smoking and its automatically an addiction like WTH! and don’t say that’s the way others are or what ever you stupidly think is correct because you don’t know jack. Because oh celebrity take only one time to become pot head forever right. Like has Justin recently been acting like a crazy pot head. And if you said yes then you have no image of what a real pot head is. And he did not mistreat his pet hamster because he was actually doing it a favor by having it stay in one place because FACTUALLY hamster can’t move from climate to climate or environment to environment. That hamster died because of old age because hamster don’t live that long. Trust, I had one myself. So don’t make up or stay stuff that doesn’t involve you or what you think because somethings you say are utterly bullshit. And im sorry for the disrespect because it seems as though you think you know a lot.

  1. these people and their stories, are becoming seriously ridicoulus they find anything n everything to pick on bieber about on top of that find a way to fine him in some amount of money. Its all so annoying these people really need to get lives. Leave Bieber alone he doesn’t mean any harm to anyone.

    • the media keeps talking as if he brought her; she was a gift to him. Also I think those people may be trying to extort money from him as well as take the monkey. Maybe he should withdraw any money from the concerts donated to charity there. Some of the proceeds of the concerts go to charity.

      • How old are you..? Are you for realz. Just because they are animals they need to be treated as one. She is just a babe. Do you know what that means she could die. She need to be with her own kind. How would you feel if they put you to live with animals. HUh??? Grow up. And think for a second in that animal. Not justin bieber.
        And yes am a fan. of his music not his personal life

  2. I don’t understand why Justin even kept the monkey as a pet. Justin is 19, he should’ve learned in like 6th grade why monkeys aren’t kept as pets and why monkeys cannot be kept as pets. Even if he wanted to keep the monkey so damn much, he should’ve found out more about the background of her. I love Justin, but sometimes he’s just stupid. :/

  3. Where did Justin even get Mally to not know that she’s only a baby? I hope the least he does is pay for her to stay in Europe and be with her own kind.

  4. That is so ridiculous….I think that they should give Mally back to Justin…It know that she is to young to be taken away from his mom but Mally will be in a good home with Justin…Justin will be a wonderful dad to Mally…Justin they going to give Mally back to you don’t be sad…I love you

  5. ya u r right 100% right semi belieber
    i totally agree with u
    justin is very very very good
    n that monkey is in good hands
    so justin is the best
    i love u justin i love u i love u i love u i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. u guys defending him is ridiculous. yeah sure Justin will be very gentle and kind and loving to Mally, but Mally needs his own habitat, his own family. Humans are not suitable companions for him. So please don’t be selfish. What he did (purposely or not) is pure animal cruelty. So the right thing to do is just give Mally away to be taken care of by the experts and released in the wild again if possible. And if he apologises to the public and to Mally good on him, if not then… well, i guess he doesn’t feel guilty at all.

    • RIGHT.
      we all know that it is not Justin fault, and he woulndt treat mally bad, but in first place its important for her to be treated appropriate to the species.

  7. awwwww justin!!!! wazzzz soooo!!! HAPPY wit og mally bieber datzz not fair!!!!! awwwww i wond awwww jbbb!! feelz now!!!!! my smexxyyy bbzzzz!!:D

  8. i have a question about an other topic . my english is bad. and i know here are many people for example from the u.s. . and can please someone give me a correction of this text:
    Why does religion matter so much? we are all people. we all make mistakes. we all have a heart which beat. i wont say that we are all the same. but there are many things which make us equal . it just matter what you do with your life.

  9. I blame it on the person who gave Justin the monkey in the damn first place. I mean, in Justin’s situation, he’s not really in the type of place to be taking care of OR have the license to have an exotic animal. Now that Mally is gone I don’t even think he cares that it was taken away.

    • To be honest, I think he only got Mally because Michael Jackson used to have a monkey, too. I mean we all know how much Justin loves Michael and tries to somewhat be like him.

  10. Are they tryna make justin crack? I mean first he got Mally taken off of him then the neighbour incident then the tattoo thing now this? I mean for gods sake everything he does he’s judged it really annoys me and scares me:|

    • I repeat again. It was a gift to him. He might have kept it for a while and then give it away once it becomes hard to handle like the Hamster that kept getting lost in the bus. I think the person should not have given it to him as a gift just as I don’t think his father should have given him a motorcycle. He could get hurt.

      • Don’t forget Michael Jackson had a Chimp, a more dangerous wild animal, and nobody made a big deal of it. But this is Justin so bashing him is the cool thing now to his critics.

  11. its not Justins fault, mally was a gift to Justin so he didn’t know that she’s a baby and she needs to be with her kind.

  12. I’m glad some people commenting atleast agree that the monkey should be taken away from Justin. Not because he wouldn’t take care of it, but because the monkey would be better off with it’s own kind.

    Also it’s terrible that the person who gave the monkey to Justin obviously illegally obtained it.

    • These monkeys can be vicious and hard to control when they get older so he would have to give it away. that is, if he gets it back. He made a mistake, I am sure he learned from that. He’s still a teen who is growing and learning things. No need to bash him as the media does constantly over anything he does. We all have made stupid mistakes as kids. I was worse than he ever was.

      • OMG! Having a monkey get taken away is not some dumb mistake! It’s a responsibility! Which Justin clearly doesn’t have! Who cares if the media blows everything up, some of the things he’s being criticized for are some things that can’t go unnoticed, wether he’s a “growing teen” or not. I’m so damn tired of that excuse.

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