Justin Bieber “Doesn’t Care” his Paternal Grandparents? George Bieber Speaks!


Justin Bieber’s paternal grandfather, George Bieber (61) breaking his silence, claiming he lives in near poverty and says that Justin “doesn’t care.”

According to NYdailynews.com, George is disabled due to a work-related back injury and that his wife, Kathy, works a grueling factory shift, barely earning enough for them to survive.

He tells NYdailynews:

It’s like we now live on different planets. He never calls us, and now I sometimes think he doesn’t care.

It does make me sad, as right now our life is pretty desperate.

I can’t work due to illness, so there is barely any money coming into the house and we only just about get by. His grandma has a bad back, too, but works like a dog hauling huge bags of paint powder 40 hours a week.

He was such a big part of our life, and now nothing. It’s like he is a stranger and now we barely know him. Thank goodness we have 10 other grandchildren is all I can say.

George Bieber expressed jealousy of Justin’s maternal grandparents, Diane Dale and Bruce Dale.

For them, nothing seems to be too much trouble, and he buys them new houses, cars, luxury holidays, anything they want. But for us, nothing.

It’s hard to imagine the money Justin has, as it’s about as far removed from our life as you could possibly get.

Justin has just got too big for his britches.

He will always be my grandson and I am, and will always be, so proud of him. It’s just sad he is not a bigger part of our life. But I guess he is just too busy right now.

George Bieber and Kathy Bieber are Jeremy’s parents.
Bruce Dale and Diane (Mallette) Dale are Pattie Mallette’s parents

    • well maybe justin is giving some to them but not a lot because when he was in poverty they never even lifted a finger to help him! stop complaining that your grandson wont help you, thats not his responsibility! maybe if you tried to help his family in his time of need, it seems like all the grandpa wants now is justins money . justin gets enough of this with the paps but now with his own grandfather. wow. smh.

      • Well you got to think they did help justin yer at that time maybe justin dont relize wot fame can do to your friendships and family its can drive them off the roof but he will in time see wot is happening and then he would help his grandad i may have not seen my nan for 7 years but i am going to help her its still family they need to communicate

  1. He probably wasn’t as close to his “paternal” grandparents and he is his close to his “maternal”. Just from watching never say never it seems like his moms parents are way more loving..and his dads parents…didn’t even see them in the movie at all. Justin probably doesn’t feel like they were a huge part of his upbringing. Honestly if I was him I wouldn’t splurge on someone who wasn’t around before my fame. And we don’t know his families history connected to his dads parents and how they treated him and his mother growing up. Just cause someone is rich doesn’t mean you deserve their money. Makes you question if he was still poor would you want to be “apart of his life”. His maternal grandparents seemed to always be there for him through the good and through the bad. But I could be wrong only justin knows the truth.

  2. parasite. his mother was a single mother, right? how’d the paternal grandparents get in the pic. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ time to die old man.

  3. It doesn’t matter if he was closer to his other grandparents then to his dad’s parents. Family is family. I really don’t know what else to say… I’m kind of overwhelmed with this news.

    • Yes family is family only when they have been there for you an active member in your life. His dad’s parents went to the media and complained they don’t have the best interest at heart for Justin. An old jealous man that just wants money and is using the card were family i’m your grandfather. So what he is lucky Justin at least acknowledges him a little.

      • Your so right! Why would you go to the media and not talk to Justin about it.. He only wants to make a scene

  4. They don’t want Justin’s love they want his money. His grandparents on his mom side never asked for money Justin gives it to them. They still lived in the same house they owned when he became mega famous and rich. Justin moved them out of that house to be more private and treated them to things because they have always been there. I’m sorry in the movie they barely mentioned his dad let alone his dad grandparents weren’t even in it cause Justin is just not close to them.

    • This is sort of true. Pattie’s parents did raise Justin as well, but I can’t help but feel sorry for his dad’s parents. Justin hasn’t really kept touch to his Canadian roots recently. I think he genuinely loves Justin as well. Like Marley said above, family is family. :/

      • Family is family only when they have been there for you. If Justin was close to them he would of helped them out but since he isnt he doesn’t owe them nothing.

  5. awwwwwwwww i feel soo sry for them :( justin except not spending money on tats and clothes, just at least give a little to ur grandparents…i feel so sry for them, i hope they get better :(

  6. That’s really messed up if I was as rich as him I would be helping as many people as possible! Idk what Justin’s side of the story is but that’s just wrong! I love you justin but please don’t be a jerk love you<3

    • He last saw him in Christmas at a family gathering. He has been traveling and busy. I am sure he can’t keep up with everything going on with family members especially someone who was not much in his life. Also, Why go to media people such as The Daily Mail that always write negative overblown reports on him? Where is the rest of his man’s family-why don’t they help him?

  7. Were they even close at all before he was famous? I mean his mom raised him alone and his “maternal” grandparents were the only people that were close to him, or at least that’s what it seems like to me.

  8. I understand that he’s not as close to his dad’s grandparents than his mom’s because his maternal grandparents actually did help raise him (what I assume since seeing Never Say Never). But he should still help his family out. This is actually lowering my respect for him. I knew Justin could be a jerk sometimes but this just makes him seem like an asshole.

  9. Justin do care about you guys.He not a bad person.He will always love his family that first.The reason why he don’t have time to spend time with you is because he always have to do concerts and he travel alot.He will always love you.I love you.

    • Maybe they were. Probably not as much as Pattie’s parents so I totally get why he might not give them anything but still…

  10. Okay…I think this is just another dumb rumer.Like really?Does that sound like something Justin would do? I know he’s been acting up lately but I believe he still has a good heart.And Jeremy’s mom’s name is Kate,not Kathy.I read it in Nowhere But Up.(Pattie’s book).

    • Yah it doesn’t seem like justin and why should we believe something like this when we actually don’t know the truth

  11. if he really loved him he wouldn’t be begging for money from him and slamming him in interviews hes getting paid to do

  12. probably never knew george pattie and jeremy broke up when justin was a few months old so i don’t think justin would have know george

    • As I said, he apparently fell into hard times recently otherwise why bring that up now. But Justin has been very busy in his tour and probably did not know of his condition-he last saw him in Christmas with a bunch of other people-he seemed fine.

  13. Family doesn’t always mean your BLOOD relations. People who are there to support u are your family. Why not ask what is Jeremy doing for his own father? I am sure he gets plenty of money from Justin. What is he doing to help his own parents? Also, Justin is always #givingback. He donates time and money to many charities. Pencils of Promise, Make a Wish Foundation, Cancer Trust, FeedtheChildren. He have $10,000 to the food bank in Canada and many more charities. If his grandfather needs food, he can go to the food bank that Justin supports.Jeremy like Justin’s paternal grandparents were not very involved in Justin’s life before his fame. Their not being in the movie tells you a lot.

  14. Justin’s father was separated from his wife when he was second The mother had to raise her son alone.
    WHERE was because his paternal grandfather hand?
    Oh yes, that’s right, because Justin was himself a poor wretch, since there was nothing to take!
    But hardly merited the little Justin much money did the “rats” out of their holes.
    It was his father, and now a third-rate lubricating sheet the parents of his father – and all want only his best -> namely his money.

    Justin, I can give you only one tip to break off this relationship, because gibste them with your little finger, they pick themselves your whole hand under the nail

    • The media is already talking about this as well as the monkey which he might leave to a zoo-anything to make him look bad. They complained he was keeping a monkey, now they complain he is giving it away-he can’t win with these hateful idiots.

  15. They just want something from him now that he’s famous …. He probably was never really close to him and besides why go to the media and drag badly about ur grandson?? #really? It’s all about money now $

  16. I believe there’s a reason why it may be that way? When Justin & his mom were without money or the nessary things they needed did his grandparents help? Its 3 sides to every story your side their side & the truth. I’m just saying.

  17. this is so wrong! they were never in justin life so justin shouldn’t give them anything.all they want is his money.if hes grandfather really needed money and food from justin, than he should’ve talk to him personally not tell the media about it.justin is always giving money to charities and e.t.c so there must be a reason why he wouldn’t give it to them.

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