Justin Bieber Donated his Signed Underwear for Charity!

justin bieber underwear-charity

Justin Bieber has donated a pair of his white underwear for charity – and they could be yours! The underwear benefit Give2Live, a charity set up by Ellen’s friend Helene Campbell.

When Helene Campbell met Ellen, she was in desperate need of a lung transplant. Now that she’s received her lungs, Helene is doing incredible work to help more people survive just like she did. Helene and her family have partnered with Toronto General Hospital to establish the Give 2 Live Campaign. Through this fundraising initiative, she hopes to inspire people to help patients and their families across North America.

Click here to bid on Justin’s underwear.

Watch the video + pics:

Helene met Ellen over Skype when she was in desperate need of a lung transplant. Now she’s received her lifesaving transplant and was finally able to come meet Ellen in person! Her work to raise awareness for organ donation has made a huge impact, and Ellen had a big surprise for her: she’s donating a pair of signed Justin Bieber boxers to be auctioned for her cause!



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