Justin Bieber Has Written Over 240 New Songs During Believe Tour? #MusicJournals

Justin Bieber Scooter Braun Gala

Manager Scooter Braun says there might be more than 240 new Justin Bieber songs out there. That is, if Justin has been writing every day on his Believe tour like he says.

Justin first teased his “music journals” on Monday and has since created the hashtag “#musicjournals.”

Scooter tells MTV News about Justin’s next album at the Time 100 Gala:

Well I don’t ever disclose what our plans are, but I will say this: he’s been writing one to two songs a day for the entire tour and he actually labels them by the city he writes them in.

We started calling it his ‘music journal’ and we’re talking about what should come next musically. And I think creatively he just wants to share all his thoughts through music.

Watch video interview:

  1. omg why are da sng nt owt yhet nd gooo awy no 1 commentz here but me my name iz all here only nd u had ta come and rong it da next peepz doz da there died nd i know wat yer gona sy itz nt ur…..well guezz wat jb.. sed only me can comment here bitchz im telling jb…. :( :( lu yh justin…… :D ;)

  2. So excited about his new songs. I’m sure they’ll be amazing. It really feels like you get to know him through his music. i guess that’s the best way for him to share his heart with us without having to worry about that his words will get twisted.

  3. Yeah, he can write 1 or 2 songs each day. But how do they sound like? probably shit, like all of his other music. this guy thins he is a legend just because he has a bunch of 10 year old girls sniffing his arse and buying his shit stained underwear he sells online. he is a joke and everyone new that from the day he stepped into the music industry. he will turn out to be a rebel sooner or later.

    • If I were u I would just shut MA mouth coz u don’t know shit.. I don’t think his fans are all 10 year old.. If u see fans who turn up on M&G are they 10 years old.. No.. So be quite.. Girl..

  4. I bet these 240 songs are all love songs and some are rap, wish he could have put some songs on here :) love you bro are there anybody from Ohio on here & older if so add me he has so much talent plus he’s a very hard worker :3

  5. I hope u all kno that all of his “successful” sings were writing for him not by him. He thinks he’s a triple threat with singing dancing n “writing” pls don’t hold ur breath. U think he’s so talented. Then y doesn’t he have a Grammy. Cuz the ppl who kno talent kno he has none. He’s a product of technogy. I unfortunately had to take someone to his concert in DC. And he was just plain terrible live. Just terrible

    • The music industry is a joke. They look for someone who is decent looking with a different up brining. They are able to make anyone sound good. They adjust everything in the studio and play background music with the recorded version when he songs live. Before u all jump on me for this and get all “why t u even on here to hate”. My sister is obsessed like the rest of u and showed me something. And last I checked I live in America so I can write on here if I damn we’ll pls

      • Even though I’m a Belieber, I think everyone can agree that he will never get a Grammy sagging his pants the way he does and acting immature. He can sing live, it’s just that he now chooses to dance most of the time instead of sing like he should. That’s why I don’t really want to go to his concerts. If I just wanted to listen to the playback, I can just sit at home like I do.

  6. good! he writes these songs to show his love for us and also because he is super talented and if you are a hate of JB then dont even bother writing haters comments because there not going to affect beliebers or JB
    love u JB

    • ok first of all if u think hes gay than why r u even on here and what gives u the right 2 insult us and call us names.u are so stupid.and why do u keep putting happy faces on your comments if u hate him.

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