Justin Bieber Sleeping With A Belieber


Justin posted this drawing via instagram – cuddling with a belieber (who looks like Selena). Is this Selena?

Original image: via FlawlessBieber.tumblr

He laid himself beside me, his arm instinctively falling around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. Kissing the side of my head, he laid his down next to mine. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.” I kissed his chest as I laid my head down on top of it, my hand resting on his stomach.

  • Molly Bieber

    First! Too cute! Love you justin!<3

    • Mel Bieber

      I think he was tring to tease his beliebers. We all know how much justin luvs to do that. i wish that was me btw not everything he does is for selena -_-

      • wenderlybieber forver

        i think it selena becuse she said that she care adout justin bieber soo that means she still loves him

      • Jodie810

        That looks like me !! Lol ❤❤

      • praneetBelieber

        wenderlybieber forever it is Justin as Danger and the girl is Kelsey Jones from Jileyoverboard’s fanfic Danger

      • Georgia

        its not selena its from an imagine called danger

      • aidiamaya

        I think that they should be together. They really are meant to be! I know Selena is over it and is having a fun time with her friends but Justin needs her. She is a good influence on him. He has been really bad these past few months lol.

      • shay

        i agree
        he might as well kiss her goodbye

    • aidiamaya

      That’s really cute! He loves all his beliebers so very much heheh :) <3.

      • nevaeh

        That is to cute

    • dajbiebergrande

      no its a pic from a fanfic called danger and dangers back the girl is kelsey jones in real life lilly collins :)

    • Ariella

      Awwww that’s a great picture of Justin relaxing with a sleepy fan!I love Justin soooooooooooooooo much and I read this article that said Justin loves to be a human pillow. :) That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard of.Justin you’re the best!!! :)

      • jasmine

        i hope he loves u toooooooooooo

  • SB

    omg! btw. first

    • wenderlybieber forever

      praneetbelieber it is selena gomze what are you taking about bitch get your facts right taking to me

  • liz

    first…. sooo damn cute!!!!!!1

    • olive

      woah lol what does “she” mean “he laid HIS down next to mine…”
      oh snap this is too cute

  • liz

    arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh OH HOW I WISH IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FutureMrs.Bieber

      Well it’s not cause it’s me

  • essie j

    omg that means he wnats to date a belieber ;)

    • essie j


  • liz

    i wish it was true essie j. it could b 1 of us

    • essie j

      omfg i know :)

    • Latisha

      Yea why not #nohateaboutthat for sure :)

  • Nobody

    Common it looks like Selena Gomez :) I remember when she said once that she has Bieber fever… his phone’s wallpaper is Selena Gomez and now this, the girl looks exactly like Selena Gomez… it is obviously not over

    • Carmen Bieber

      No she doesn’t looks like the loser Selena Gomez
      ” blah blah blah” I love just Justin but I hate Jelena more than anything in the world and by the way Selena is a stupid bitch f**** k girl.i swear!!

      • andrea carrillo

        Yea carmen bieber is right..

      • Starlight

        You really hate something that brought him happiness??!?!?

      • Carmen Bieber

        I don’t hate the something that Justin Hate cause Justin all ready doesn’t love Selena Gomez anymore ok so please”SHUT UP” ok
        I don’t know what is your name but “starlight ” I think.

      • #AgainstJelena

        I’m totally agree with you.

    • Melina

      I think you should seriously look at the picture again, is says Justin…….Belieber, not Justin…….Selena, or another word that could mention Selena to be part of it.

      • Nobody

        i think you should take a look closely… yes it does say Beliebers but it looks like Selena… So you should taker a look

      • justin.adele

        u should notice coz justin couldnt want write selena’s name directly and we know these pis and other like these was made of justin & selena!
        i saw it too late and justin still loves selena .his background wallpaper is selena and we can do nothing about his love and life!
        hope they will get back together coz we know justin want it and will be happy with it!
        i love u justin

      • JB…and ME !!!!!

        @ Nobody, last time i checked, selena still had dark hair. So dont tell me i have to check the picture again, cos u obviously didn’t.

    • life

      I dont think it is selena cause selena isn’t a belieber she has her selenators. I think justin loves his beliebers and wants to date with one of us.

      • Melina

        I looked “Nobody”, its looks nothing like her. So end of story.

  • Nobody

    Also, his tweet “love is in the air”… It makes sense now

    • AULANI


      • JB…and ME !!!!!

        @Aulani, like selena has red hair. THINK !

    • Tonia

      But you don’t know what he met and think when is not that.Your not Justin and you could think what you really think cause it could be about something everything don’t have to be about Selena Gomez.

  • liz

    nah! its not selena

  • Melina

    That’s soo sweet, I hope that’s me one day, oh and that’s NOT Selena.

  • Carmen Bieber

    Who is this lucky girl I wish it was ME ,and sure she isn’t Selena

    • Rihanna

      I have mixed feelings about these. From one perspective most of the beliebers are under 12 which makes this picture wrong on so many levels, but I’m sure he was just trying to show some love to his fans which is nice. He should just remember to post something fully appropriate next time.

      • Melina

        I’m 16 and I’m a Belieber, u know not all Beliebers are under 12.

      • JB…and ME !!!!!

        R u a selenator ? Probably, there r only them to say such stupid things. 25 year old (and older) girls love justin and go to his concerts. U’ll never see that kind of guy (or girl) at one of selena’s concerts. Ur always criticizing justin but ur so blind that cant see HE’s better. (no offense to selena). People like her more cos they have no reason not to. People hate justin cos he’s richer and more famous than any of them (haters). Ur just one of them. Stop saying we’re all 12 cos i’m sure a lot of us are older than u. U have to be cos all selena fans are under 8.

      • Rue b

        its really just an imagine from a Justin Bieber Fan Fiction story that’s really popular and its called Danger. I guess Justin came up across the picture because Danger is like everywhere. And to everybody who is addressing its selena please stop because first selena has black hair not brown; a pretty obvious observation…

  • Nicki

    That is really cute…he will like to date a believer/fan…I will do the same thing too…..I really like the picture..I love you

  • leanne:d

    heyyy!! cheekz and datz me in da image sozz galz :D

  • Xavier Belieber Forever :)

    :)Lol how cute :D

  • Nobody

    Don’t hate but all you believers hate her so much, eventhough it is so clearly he is still in love with her… All you can say and send just hate… It makes me laugh :D You don’t know what is really happening between them. Just get your life and support what ever he wants… Like seriously do you believe that he will date a fan…. Common

    • Starlight

      You don’t even know how to spell our name right! And well i don’t hate her i have loved her since when she appeared on Hanna Montana

      • Paslie

        Man you still on that part oh my goodness you fair way back behind lol which it’s a good thing I think.

      • Carmen Bieber

        Can u please shut up ,I hate u since I read your name I think!?” Starlight “

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      @Nobody, u get a life, u dont even what’s happening between either. It makes ME laugh when i look at ur comments, thinking u kno what ACTUALLY happened between and what he ACTUALLY wants. U try to look smart and stuff, but let me tell u : IT’S NOT WORKING. Epic fail…

  • leanne:d


  • rb

    If you go to [Justin Bieber News], click on the wallpaper, then you will see the wallpaper drawing, and beside it you will see a movie icon of Selena, and below the wallpaper drawing you will see the comment below it:
    “He laid himself beside me, his arm instinctively falling around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. Kissing the side of my head, he laid his down next to mine. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.” I kissed his chest as I laid my head down on top of it, my hand resting on his stomach.” (x)
    For who the girl is (I think Selena) it’s to your imagination!!

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      i went on the site i couldn’t click on the wallpaper, so for me, u have NO proof.

  • Nobody

    It just makes sense… her song about Justin, his phone has a wallpaper of Selena Gomez and this picture that really looks like Selena… Also, when Ellen said that she is happy, she just responded “I am happy I met Brad Pitt” ( she did not seem happy…) So all believers just stop being crazy… You never know with these two… they were together more then two years and you could see the smile on his face… Now it is different… you should support them and want the love back that they have… So stop being rediculous

    • rb

      Sorry! The wallpaper on his camera is a picture of his sister.

      • rb

        I could be wrong!! I did digital zoom on Corel Photo Paint. Someone else will have to verify my findings!!

      • Nobody

        It is not his sister…

    • Courtney

      He said it’s he cuddling up with a belieber which it is a girl and is not what you think it is.

      • Courtney

        So shut the hell up with your damn Selena every time you see something.

      • JB…and ME !!!!!


    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      How do U know, anyways ? Ur a friend of his, u already saw his phone ? I dont think so…and, do u know him ? If u do, do u know how he’s feeling right now ? I dont think so either.

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      How do u know ? R u a friend of his ? Have u already seen his phone ? I dont think so…and do u know him ? If u do, do u know how he’s feeling ? I dont think so either. I hate the people who pretend to kno everything about a celebrity, but they about as much as everyone else does.

  • Nikolxoxo

    heyy bbz :*

  • Maja

    It is selena

  • Nobody

    she made him grounded, she supported him… She really loved him and I think she still does… So you should tweet them that they have your support and not hate… Some people are so mean that they say that she should can a c….r… You are so pathetic

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      Again, u dont know ANYTHING about them, or maybe as much as we all do. So stop with the “she made him grounded…” and stuff. She made him cry, and contrary to u, i have proof. Check out the video, the interview she gave on the letterman show. She says really clearly. HOW DO U KNOW “SHE MADE HIM GROUNDED” ? I have to put it in caps cos u DONT UNDERSTAND !!!!!! God. I’m just gonna leave u alone in ur own little fantasy about ur fairytale. Life isn’t always pink. If they broke up, there has to be a reason. Maybe it didn’t work out between them. so give them some space. Leave them alone. If they dont want to be together, let them be.

  • jojo

    I wonder who the girl is but Iam pretty sure isn’t Selena Gomez.

  • leanne:d

    Heyyy!!! nikol!! huh!! i waz lokking every were 4yah!! huh!! cnt wat ta go ta skool 2mozz…?are u doing!! P.E!!!!! :D lyf!!! do u think datz jade!!! predending! ta be fanny!!!! becuz u and mellisa sed! dat.. ;)

  • Desss

    He must’ve been creeping on tumblr HARD

    • Desss

      and this is for Danger on JBFF yall be over analyzing things to the max lmao

  • rb

    He’s not sleeping with anyone!! It’s just a wallpaper drawing from a fan. Think!! For the girl that gets pregnant by him; their child will be worth ¼ of his present net worth $40 million in child support. He won’t take the chance. He learned that from his Mariah Teater paternity lawsuit. If anyone has a 100% chance sleeping with him, that would be…

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      probably not selena, cos they broke up. THINK !

  • leanne:d

    Hi :D jessica!!! hahahahahahahahahaah same 2mozzzzz!! plz!! im beglen!!!!! yah!!! hahahahah :D beglen???? recap!!!! :D ahhahahahha he he he cheeky moneky huh!! soo wat yah up ta!! huh!! (sightz!) :D

  • MrsBieber18

    I WISH THAT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    That seem so nice.

    • ivan

      Maybe he could date an asian girl, they are cute and nice as well as smart. So far he’s been with a white girl and two latinas.Beyonce is taken.

      • I.

        True dat true dat ;)

      • justin.adele

        so well im asian girl ha ha ha

      • JB…and ME !!!!!

        or black girls. That would be a real change. And i agree. Its always white girls, like there are only white girls in the world.

  • Bieber’s Shawty

    Hahaha, well wat I can say.. :D

  • leanne:d

    HEYYY!!! PEEPZZ!? :D WAY YE UP TA!!??? :D