Justin Bieber To Buy a House in Dubai, Report Says


Justin Bieber is looking forward to buy a house in Dubai, which is known for its strict laws. Justin’s set to play two gigs in the Middle East in early May and according to the Sun, he has asked the Dubai promoters to find a house for him.

A source said:

He was going to stay in a hotel but is now looking at houses with a view to a longer-term stay. Justin will have to behave, though.

E!News said there is no truth to the rumor.

  1. Omg Justin no Dubai is a really strict country and not to be racist or anything alot of people there dont like Americans and there are always not very big but alot of fights between different places around there. Please dont go Justin its to dangerous to live there!!!! My father visited there and he said its very bad and dangerous!!!!

    • don’t be racist! did u know that most of the people who live in dubai r from usa and canada ect… and they’re not gonna kill him chill, he has alot of beliebers there.

    • excuse me kelsey bieber don,t say anything about uae dubai bcs i live in abu dhabi n i visit there in dubai so i know its not strict country
      they don,t differentiate between all the pplz
      it doesn,t mean that they r strict
      even the pplz r american or anyone
      this is muslim country there is nothing to say that its not good for justin
      justin will not get any pain in dubai they r not like that when justin was celebrating his birthday n that was your country not our country
      so don,t need to say that again
      i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
      i am a biggestttttttttttttttt belieber n i will never ever let justin down in our country
      justin will be okay

    • Dubai is an amazing city, I’m from California but i’ve been born and brought up in the UAE. It’s an international city, with people from all over the world with different cultures. It’s also one of the safest cities in the world. If your father visited Dubai, i’m pretty sure that would not have been his reaction to the city.

    • What the heck. I have lived in dubai for 3 years and Im american. Dubai is completely safe, safer than america there are like zero crimes here. I dont know what you mean by strict..0,0? And the population is like 80% expats who are american,british,& canadians. Get your facts right! Dubai is amazing and he should buy a house here!

    • maybe u should refresh your idea about Dubai and go do some research dubai is one ofthe most visited city around the world and they alwayz love it and your father when did he visit it and where did he go to !!!!

    • Are you kidding me ?? i’ve been living in dubai since i was born and it’s almost been 15 years now..everything is safe here and yeah one third of dubai’s population consist of canadians,europeans and most of all americans and its all safe out there nobody would do anything to justin and if they even try to lay their hands The beliebers there won’t let that happen …!!


      • honey go check your info. about Dubai and how ppl live here . and about crimes you’re totally wrong and check who got more crime dubai or usa !!!

  2. That is really cool….because all the bad things that is surrounding him he can get away…Then by the way he can do whatever he want, have what he want and also have peace and quiet…that’s if he want to…..Also he can still visit his family,friends and fans…All Around The World..I love you

  3. ya im here!! bbzz!! :D n see me were it sayz!!!!!!! justin bieber sleeping wit a believer……..!!! :D seee ya der!! huni!!!! ;) luv yah!! 4ever! :P

  4. I live in Dubai. Dubai is not a racist country! Everything here is so peaceful and beautiful. People from different countries live here. There’s no reason to hate people from a certain country.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    i will wait there if i will go to dubai i live in abu dhabi
    when i will go there i will definitely see justin,s house
    n if he will be there i will get more n more excited wow justin i want to meet u even i live in uae but how when u will come i can,t meet u
    bcs my parents will not allow me to go on your concert bcs they don,t know that i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    so how can i
    i wanna meet u jusin plz do something n come in abu dhabi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Guys if he buys a house in dubai he isn’t going to live there -.- its just for like vacations and when he comes visit, celebrities buy houses all over the world all the time. Chill -.-

  7. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Dubai is racist ! Jeeh if dubai is racist then the hall world must be ! Dubai is full of people from another countries and its really one of a kind i mean its DUBAI for god saik its the reachest country whats there to not like i see haters around here

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