Justin Bieber’s Photographer: “Drake Bell is A Douche – Thinking He was Paul McCartney”


Justin’s tour photographer Mike Lerner defends him over Drake Bell’s twitter feud.

From Mike’s blog Mikelernerphotography:

So apparently Drake Bell (former Nickleodeon star) is whining like a little bitch on twitter about Bieber. The funny thing is that I actually met Drake Bell.

When I was working with Versaemerge almost 3 years ago, a friend took us to this kids house in the hills. It turned out to be this kid Drake Bell, who at the time I had no idea who he was. I remember he had a giant beard, he didn’t introduce himself to us until halfway through the night.

I also remember that we were playing Bealtes rockband and this fucking kid starts playing the piano and singing to every song we were playing. Like you really need the attention? After that I thought to myself this kid’s a douche. We left not too long after this kid kept playing thinking he was Paul McCartney during the recording of Abby Road.

I’ll end up deleting this in a few minutes anyway



As previously reported, Drake Bell was disrespecting and making fun of Justin. He is always going on about how Justin doesn’t write his own music, and how he doesn’t like Justin’s songs, and about how he is the real artist.

  1. U know Drake has always seemed lie that and no the thing with Justin proves it …. However I have to say his former co-star on Drake &Josh – Josh Peck is a fan of Justin ! He hasn’t deafened Drake

  2. He stay reaching CLINGING onto Justin’s name to fuel what little flop of a career he has like clearly you’re mad because Justin’s singing career took flight and his.well never left the terminal

  3. He keeps adding fuel to the fire. If you go on twitter all he talks about is BELIEBERS and justin like seriously dude your damn near 30 talking about someone younger than you. He goes after the biggest pop star because he thinks he can get publicity. Really justin is the mature one for not talking about it and being the bigger person and letting it go. Drake bell I use to love your show but your being plain disrespectful and dumb.

  4. He doesn’t have anything to do. His life is like shit.. Datz all.. All he need is to mind his damn business.. N leave justin alone..

  5. omb he is really ugh he can,t leave our justin
    but he is really really rude to all others
    i love u jsutin

  6. I like Mike Lerner & I agree with him as well drake is a douche he’s really jelly because he doesn’t have awhole bunch of beautiful female Beliebers screaming and crying over him. There’s 39 million of us Beliebers that could and will absolutely beat his but well leave it up to us boybeliebers to do it :)

    • Dreck or shreck Bell has dissed Justin several times and Justin ignored him-so who is taking the high road? This kid must be obsessed with the attention justin gets which is far more than what he gets. Some Believers, however, should just ignore him

  7. What drake did something to Justin if you don’t know last year he tweeted a photoshop pic with Justin butting on makeup

    • notice that many celebrities have dissed Justin and now they are back to where they were-nobody talks about them. That’s why Justin is smart by ignoring them. Imagine if he bumps into Drake Bell and that nerd from the Black Keys at the Billboard awards show?

    • P.S. It’s kind of sad these guys do that to Justin because they are talented but are acting unprofessional by dissing another artist making a living in the music business. They also are inviting hate from some Believers who would otherwise respect them.

  8. Lol, “because he’s finally come to the realization he’s on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?”. I just started laughing when I read that and I couldn’t stop. Actually, I’m still not completely over it. This is why I’m glad that I preferred Josh on TV. At least he hasn’t said anything. Bell is now officially off my list of Drake’s I like. Now my number one is Francis Drake… Anyway, Justin’s being a class act and ignoring the bad that people say. That’s a whole lot better than how Drake Bell’s been acting. In fact, interestingly, Jesus used silence on a number of occasions when questioned by his enemies and always was silent when bad was happening to him. In short, Justin’s acting Christ-like right now (even though imperfect). Drake Bell’s just being an attention-seeker. I’m about to throw a glass of water in his face.

  9. guys is that really Drake Bell who’s tweeting such mean things? i don’t really get why an adult who is as well pretty successful should tweet such harassment…

    • I am sure Justin could spare a few fans to comfort Drake in his moments of loneliness. Maybe insulting Justin is the only way he will get more than 10 tweets a day.

  10. wow i used 2 be a big fan of drake.i used 2 watch drake and josh all the time but now im not anymore bcuzz drake is being a little bitch.even though i never curse but he is a little bitch.just bcuzz hes older thn justin doesnt mean he has 2 insult him .hes just jealous cuzz girls dont scream and cry over him and cuzz hes not as popular and talented as he is.drake i was your biggest fan and i watched you show all the time but if u dont leave justin alone then i will never watch it again and will seriously get u.he hasnt done anything 2 u so stop being a little bitch and leave the guy alone ok

  11. Drake is only saying true things, though. Bieber is 5 6 inch loser who doesnt write his own music. Tons of people can sing like that. nothing special. its just the hysteria of 12 yr old girls who need a good spanking.

  12. It’s funny how on TMZ when Drake found out the whole time that the girls that were taking pics with him were Beliebers. He told the cameraman “I have nothing against bieber, its his fans” like bitch, if your gonna talk shit about Justin on Twitter, why don’t you stop lying to people and say the truth.
    Like I like Drake, but he needs to stop hating.
    like forreal, it’s not cute.

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