PIC: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together?


Justin Bieber reportedly posted a pic of himself getting cozy with Selena Gomez … and then quickly deleted it.

JELENA sparked reunion rumors when Selena flew off to Norway to meet up with Justin, who’s touring there.

A source tells PEOPLE mag:

They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips. They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together.

Are they really back together?

    • Anyone else ever think that these two never broke up? what if they pretended to break up to get everyone off their backs?. With both of them being busy with their careers it is very easy to pretend that they have split. I will not be surprise if the break up was a stunt all along.

      • I knew from the beginning … That’s the truth … U can only tell they were it made sense … The fact they r back together so fast proves they were never separated … Well played JELENA ❤ … It is easy to pretend something like this I mean come on normal people do it to if they r hiding from there friends or parents ;)

      • I agree with Fan i think they never broke up. Why else would Selena be there? i think something fishy is going.

      • I agree with fan! But you can never believe really anything because you never know what is the truth and what is not the truth…

      • yea it could be but if you think of it this way, why would selena want to turn out the bad one and ruin her reputation… but hey Justin did write the song “she don’t like the lights” about her soo maybe it is true… it actually makes sense because if selena really did break his heart Justin would never get back with her!

      • i think selena iz only wid justin cuz she gets alot of attention only cuz of him………when they brokeup no1 gave a damn about selena she waznt a hot chick anymore but now shez back wid justin so shez popular again!!!maybe they both really brokeup but then selena realized that shez nuthing widout justin n becomez his girlfriend again!!!man shez really a bitch…….shez uzin justin,i think justin should open his eyes n dump selena n at last i wanna say iz that i luv u justin <3

    • She is going to look like a fool dating him again. All the stuff she said “I’m so happy being single” Selena is going to look like an idiot. Hopefully it’s an old pic, because if they get back together it won’t be a healthy relationship. i’m sick and tired of hearing about them fighting and someone said this and someone said that. It better stop if they continue to date; it could end up with somebody getting really hurt physically/mentally/socially.

      • be happy for justin bieber he loves selena gomez and selena loves him ok just be happy for me

      • I don’t agree u its totally ok if they r in love and in a living relationship i love justin and if i m or u r a true lover of justin then u should be happy when justin is happy with selena!!

      • @semibelieber I love Justin!! And all I won’t is for him to be happy!! But if Selena really ment those rude things she said then went back out with justin… Personally I dont want justins heart broken again .. Especially by Selena

      • i totally agree with you !
        selena said shit about justin and now she wants to get back with him. like of course not !!!

    • In Justin’s eyes she can do no wrong. In Selena’s eyes he can do no right. She loves the attention she gets because of Justin. She’s a control freak. Strike two, going for the money, maybe? A recipe for disaster! It’s all on you Justin. Watch your ass man, unfortunately you have to.

      • im really happy too and agree coz they really love each other
        and justin just want to be with her and selena is too
        it should be happen someday and I think someday is today!

    • YOU GUYS!
      it isnt about the music anymore!
      we should only care about the music , promotion,support and the love to justin!

    • I’m so confused .. I don’t no if they should get back cause selena may hurt him again :( put I looks like thery really love each other .. I would just hate to see things go bad again ❤ selena has said some crap about him and he hasn’t said a word agains her ❤❤ it’s worrying what this relationship will do to justin ❤

  1. i already feel his pain, cos in 2 months or something like that, its just gonna be the same than new years eve. He’s gonna be alone. Poor Justin, he always gets his heart broken and then, she comes back and he just forgives her. It’ll be going on and on and on and on…

    • You really need to quit acting like you know what is going on with their relationship. Nobody knows but those two, you sound alittle too obsessed and it’s not healthy. If they get back together that is no one business their relationship is their own.

      • First, i wasn’t acting like i know everything about them, i dont. I was assuming. Second, u must be really stupid not to assume whats going on. In general, in a couple who broke up, the person who’s laughing and having fun is the one who broke up with the other one. And the person who’s crying and feeling blue is the one who got dumped. Maybe its all an act, maybe justin is acting all sad. But i am assuming from what i see. Think before u tell i’m acting like i know everything cos i never said that.

  2. I think they are getting back together..
    Whatever the reason is we should support Justin in his choices.. and I say that even though spent my whole weekend looking for him here in Copenhagen and he never showed up anywhere since Selena joined him…
    So beliebers please try to support him, we have to make him smile again, so that we all can be glad <3

    • i support him in the way that i dont hate on selena or criticize her. But i dont have to like her to be a good and supporting belieber.

  3. :’( You know what! If it’s real or not! I don’t care! I’ll support Justin’s every choice no matter! If Selena makes him happy then i’ll support it! I’m done getting myself all worked up over this Jelena drama! True Beliebers will support Justin in every way! An they will stop hating on Selena! You guys don’t know what really happened between them so you can’t judge their relationship!!! OMG! RESPECT THAT! JUSTIN GIVES US EVERYTHING! HE LOVES US TO DEATH ! CAN’T SOME OF YOU BELIEBERS JUST GIVE HIM A BREAK!?? LET HIM LIVES HIS LIFE THE WAY HE WANTS TO & WITH WHOEVER WHO WANTS TO LIVE IT WITH!!!! Can you guys just stay out of his personal life!! That’s none of your business! You as a belieber is to support Justin’s music! Not to intervene in his personal life & try to rule him or his life!!! RESPECT HIM & RESPECT HIS PERSONAL LIFE PLEASE!!! JUSTIN’S HAPPINESS IS MY HAPPINESS SO WHATEVER MAKES HIM HAPPY I’LL SUPPORT IT!! ;) BELIEBER 4 LIFE! ;) JUSTIN SMILE, I SMILE! ;) <3 I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!! :)

    • Justin is a grown boy, he can take care of himself since he is the one that is also talking to Selena, Relationships is a 2 way street.

  4. and i´m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad because i will not come to your cocert tomorrow, i love you justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ur just perfect

  5. he needs to find a girl that will be good for him and not brake him and turn his life around… no matter what JUSTIN DREW BIEBER i love you forever and beyond and i can say the same to all the BELIEBERS around the world <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. well… this picture doesn’t mean that they’re officially back together. they could be just close friends. but if they are back together, then we all have to accept it. i don’t really like selena, but if justin is happy, then i am. justin is too awesome to not have a girlfriend.

  7. i was very sad and surprised when i hear that selena visited justin.but I’m not a kind of fan who thinks justin shouldnt have a girlfriend or should be with me in a relationship (cuz i know it never comes true ). but i just think selena isnt good for him. and im surprised cuz selena makes fun of him and later she says they are just good friends. i know that justin is verry happy, cuz he loves selena so much. i dont no why but i hate selena so much. the most of you probably are thinking im jealous of her but that isnt true. i just dont like her personality. and if my english was bad im sry. im from germany.

  8. I’m not saying that I don’t respect their relationship, it’s just I don’t want either of them to get hurt. I looooovee selena gomez and I have no hate torwards her. As long as he is happy, I’m happy

  9. Yayyyyyy!!!! I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!!! They are the best Couple That has Ever live! Selenas is his princess forever!! She’s The best girlfriend! They are my idols forever I will never ever stop supporting them! Their love is made to Rule The World!They love each other soooooooo much!! They are ment to be together and stay together! They are Cutest things ever! I loveeee them! Justin And Selena have the best songs, movies,style ever! I’m a Belieber and A Selenator and a Jelenator!!! Jelena will last forever!!!! She’s soo beautiful! They are soooooooooooooooooooooo caring and sweet to people!!!! I love them forever! I LOVE YOU Justin and Selena forever!!!!!!!!! Soooo glad!! d

  10. well if they are bach together thats just between them i am a belieber and just going to have to suport him love u justin

  11. No for the last time! Someone person photoshopped this . It’s all over twitter. Justin and selena are OVER! Stop believing everything You guys here My God! Perez hilton, Hollywood life and all these websites saying they kissed! It’s all RUMORS! STOP CAUSING DRAMA!

    • of course a naive fan is going to say it’s photo shopped. *I* Have seen this picture posted on HIS Instagram! then he deleted it, i am not the only one that saw it.

    • Sarah Marie Grilli: im from germany and I don’t rightly know what photshop mean. could you or someone else explain this word?

      • @belieberswagger
        Photoshop pretty much means taking a regular photo and turning it into something it’s not. for example it’s like one of the pics of justin and selena hugging then when I edit otherwise “photoshop” it i could take Selena’s face of the picture and replace it with mine. SRRY if its confusing.

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