Selena Gomez Ellen Interview – Life After Bieber

Selena Gomez opened up to Ellen on how she’s doing since her relationship with Justin Bieber ended.

64 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Ellen Interview – Life After Bieber


    She should feel awful cause they were such a perfect couple! Justin really loved her!!! and you repay him like this. I was a fan of Selena since she started but because of the way you treated him :((. JUSTIN REALLY LOVED YOU SELENA!

      1. Ahav

        No matter who ‘messed’ things up, Selena has a good head on her shoulders, as well as Justin. She did a wise thing in separating herself so that they can grow as individuals and not depend on each other. I enjoy both of them equally. I think it shows a lot about both of them that they were together, a good match.

    1. taketwo

      She should feel awful? Get your head examined! It was Justin who had and still is acting crazy and going after other girls. Nobody knows exactly why they broke up in Mexico in January but it’s really none of business little girl. You’ve got one screwed up head. You’re so in love with Justin that he can do no wrong. Oh and there was another report that Justin’s pastor called Selena to please go to Norway because Justin was on the verge of a meltdown. She is the type of young woman who will help anybody if they needed it.

    1. wenderlybieber forver

      justin bieber and selena were a good good cuple and this is how she how she mand him cry and calld him a toddler you dont even care i dont like you thats why alll the biebers dont like you aneymore and your a hoe

      1. khloe99

        @wenderlybeiber forever…. I was being sarcastic and of course I care about Justin………And dude I’m not even a selenator I don’t give a f*ck what she thinks or goes through and really calling me a hoe won’t make you less of one

      2. taketwo

        You need to grow up little girl and open your eyes. You didn’t even mention what he did to her only what she said about him. This is a one sided argument that you’re making. In your case love is blind!

  2. Bieber's Shawty

    …….. so Justin didn’t make selena happy or lough and he wasn’t great to her parents.? wow.. yet he gave her everything he ever gave a girl and treated her well but yet she isn’t grateful?.. geezz, selena is unappreciative sh*t, thank God Jelena ended.. seriously :-<

    now ma babe can have a peace without her.. selena u r soooooooooo irritating.. :(

      1. Rachel

        Justin is the one crying. He’s starting to screw up and flop. Selena is flying and she’s becoming more famous on her own and she’s seems so much happier as soon as she broke up with Justin.

  3. bieber,s shawty forever

    whenever i think about selena i say her that she is soooooooooooooo so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much irritating she don,t respect pplz
    who r great atleast just go to hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll u r not that soooooooooo cute and beautiful so i think that u r the one ugliest girl in this world who never understand anyone
    when ellen talk about justin bieber my babe she was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i mean her mouth her face see her face she was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    then she laugh out toooo much loud that it was a joke for her but not for us
    we want the ans that what she do with my juju that they broke up
    i want to know that she is really really really irritating
    i really hate her
    justin give everything to her
    but she don,t know how to understand the feeling of other person she only know that how to hurt anyone
    she is not a human she is from other planet i think
    she don,t respect anyone
    so so so i mean how would she be a cute and beautiful girl
    i love u justin we all beliebers r with u n only with u we don,t want anyone else
    we r together
    i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooo so so so so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      1. Taylor

        I agree with Alex, I don’t see how she’s annoying or a bitch, she ended what she thought was a bad relationship, none of us were there so we can’t judge, you may think Justin was treating her amazing and that he’s the greatest boyfriend in the world but seriously, where are you getting this information? How do we really know what kind a boyfriend he is, he could just say he’s a great boyfriend because it would look good to all of his girl fans, but he may not have actually been and Selena may have anted to get away from it. Anyways, it’s not for us to judge, we aren’t there and weren’t there during the relationship, and we can’t say she’s a bitch or irritating because we don’t know her or Justin or anything they’ve gone through.

    1. essie j

      she is a f*cking bitch, she just used Justin for fame and money. and if u bitches think that Justin is a bad person then pls leave this fanbase :)

    1. ivan

      Both will attend the Radio Disney awards on April 27th, that should be awkward! She also tweeted after attending a Justin Timberlake concert, that he brought sexy back, it’s about time. This, to me, was a slap in the face of Justin Bieber.

      1. rb

        NOTE: If there is warrant filed against him in California, its best for him to finish his overseas tour. Once he put his foot down in California he will most likely have 24 hours to report the Sheriff Office to give himself up. If he is given bail, the judge might tell him that he cannot leave California. Also he has a concert on the 26th & 28th. He won’t be there.

  4. belieberrrr

    she’s a bitch but i like the new song, but still… and just the going on about brad pitt.. hey we all wanna meet him! but hey, its mean to go bragging and shoving it at justin’s face when they ask u how you are doing!!!! that bitch got invited to the playboy mansion…. after spring breakers she’s become such a slut!!! plus spring breakers suck! worst movie evahh… even joan rivers thinks thats the worst thing she’s seen this year ( youtube it)

    1. AULANI


  5. Molly Bieber

    Ugh! I can’t tell if I want selena and justin to get back together or not! IK he’s heartbroken but selena doesn’t seem like she wants him back!? Love you justin! <3

  6. Saphire

    I’m confused….. so is she like supposed to cry in pain like a bitch because of a relationship that wasn’t going to last in the first place? I thought you guys wanted them to break up. well they did and you guys are still unhappy? :/????????

  7. Nicki

    This is all about Justin personality…..what he is doing…and all the amazing things that is going through is life…we support Justin….NOT Selena…Justin don’t want to worry about her…he will find someone that love him for the way he is….I love no matter what

  8. Kimily

    Did you’all see her on Dancing with the stars like im sorry to say this but she can’t sing and dance like those Indian girls.They should let her stick to acting that is one thing she is good at.

  9. Denise

    Please remember to pray for Selena to get cancer really soon.. Be specific about when you want her to get cancer because God might give her cancer at 80 which doesnt help us save Justin. She wants justin back. You can be sure of that. All this sexy dressing and dancing is for Justin. Can you say desperate.


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