Swedish Police Found Weed and Stun Gun in Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus!


Justin Bieber’s tour bus was raided by Swedish police who allegedly found marijuana on board Wednesday night… reports TMZ.

Police reportedly boarded the bus in Stockholm as the bus pulled up at the arena where Justin was performing. Nobody was on the bus at the time. The cops found a small amount of drugs “weed” and a stun gun, which requires a permit. Justin had been seen with his pal Lil Za in the hours before the weed incident.

Cops said, No one will be charged because they have no idea who was in possession of the drug since the bus was empty. They found the narcotic on the floor of the bus so they have no clue who brought it on.

Justin slams the rumor, wrote on his twitter:

some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music.

A statement from Stockholm County Police officer Kjell Lengren:

Justin will not be questioned because no one was on the bus when we searched it. So you don’t know who to press charges against.

As far as I know there is no further case.

    • The drugs are probably form Lil Twizzy and Lil Za, but Justin probably did them too. Peer pressure. It’s difficult to stop doing drugs, once you try them you are hooked. His mother did them at that age, it runs in his family. Hopefully in the end he makes the right decision and does not try them. I really hope he stops getting tattoos too, they aren’t looking as good as before. He should remove all of other tattoos and leave the “Tiger” one that suits him(it’s sexy) :)

      • i agree on the weed thing but not the tattoos
        he should keep them all except the 2 new ones.
        why should he remove “BELIEVE” or the music sign, the family tattoo or the believe key (the owl)?
        they look good on him, but tbh i don’t like the latest two… his arm looks almost like lil wayne (i don’t have anything against him) but it makes him look much much older than his real age

      • The owl tattoo he got, because he was fun making fun of hooters. You don’t need tattoos to make a point. He will probably regret some of these tattoos one day.

      • I totally agree with you, I’m getting sick of him getting a new tattoo everyday, it’s almost getting tacky. I love him so much and I just think he needs to slow down and think. I think Patty should step in and check on him once and a while and talk to him about the press and his mistakes. It isn’t looking good, Scooter also needs to step it up. I swear I’m not trying to hate on anyone, but he needs to get under control. Peer pressure gets to a lot of people too. I just heard that Selena put the drug and gun in his bus to “make Justin look bad” and I guess there is a video somewhere.

    • So how many times is Justin going to cover up his ass? watch, in about 5-10 years we will see headlines ” justin bieber goes to rehab”….. Quit lying Justin!.


  1. How can some of you still defend him, saying he’s hot and a ‘bad boy’. Seriously? Wake up. He’s gone severely downhill in the last couple of months, and if he was using the drugs it doesn’t make him sexy, it makes him stupid. He’s throwing his life away, yet all the Beleibers are blinded because you all have some preconceived notion that he’s still innocent and you justify his actions by saying he’s ‘hot’. Seriously…

    • hey, idk if this is true or just another TMZ fake rumour but I dont think it is true because when he got caught on drugs he owned up to it and posted a tweet that said something like I dont wanna disapoint you. I hear you. I love you… or something like that. but now he’s saying no. And if it is real I agree with you, cuz omg yes he’s super hot and he’s not a bad person but that doesnt justify him using drugs, and i know everyone makes mistakes but still being hot doesn’t make it better, and we should as beliebers support him on his ups and down but not be like “drugs are only good when justin uses them cuz he’s hot and loves his fans”… that’s stupid…

      • its another fake rumour from tmz this bus stopped for another reason but that!
        coz police never confirm that!
        and never explain about the reason
        but tmz write cops said…
        what the fu*k tmz
        u try to break justin
        but we r here for support him

    • Dude, it might not have even been justin! He isn’t innocent anymore, but he’s not a bad person. He’s learning from his mistakes and he won’t be perfect.

    • thank you! I totally agree! Look i love justin but all of these rumors have been going around and i dont know what to believe anymore. all i know is he’s been going downhill lately… i mean all those tattoos are not hot anymore. And this whole drug thing. are you serious justin!?!?!?! thats what ruins people and makes them known as celebrities gone wrong. i dont want him to end up like that and if your a true belieber you would care about him possibly going down the wrong road and instead of encouraging him to keep doing it, tell him the truth about what hes doing. Then you will be a true belieber because that shows that you care about him and his future. Im just trying to look out for him. i love him too much to seem him go down a bad path and hes gotten way too far in life to do that!

      • Love jb but would be heartbroken if he was really doing drugs, his changing nowadays and I am starting to worry but always love u justin!

    • Relax, this story has holes. I wrote to Examiner.com and hollywoodlife.com on this. They are not going to do anything about it. This happened in sweden and now he’s in Finland. They have no proof these belong to Justin. but there is much more I can say The media, of course, loves to trash Bieber.

      • Ik They not going to post on hollywood life as yet they just send this out and I know they have no proof as yet but if it is true cause it in his tour bus or Idk nobody didn’t put in his bus but ya they going to be talking about this on hollywood t.v.man everything is about the biebs and jelena this and that not everything but in the way now that he is famous and he with selena again,im not a selenator I am done with that.

  2. Justin really have a rough life every since he with Selena Gomez from the start.Im just saying because we all know JB never had any problem before I just wish he was like the other pop stars singers.

    • Justin”s representatives say they found no drugs and dropped the matter. The fact they did not retain Justin and the bus from leaving sweden shows this.

    • How can u blame selena for anything wrong with justins life?? She didnt put a joint in his hand if u ask me she was one of the only right things in his life!

  3. I love u Justin!!!! And if this Is a bullshit lie then don’t sweat it . Haters need something to do ;) lol
    But if this is true. And it was ur weed… Please stop , I’m saying stop with all my heart because I don’t want u ending ip sick or even worse dead :’(
    But I’ll love u forever and always no matter what<333333

  4. Lol, this is all staged to make him appeal to older demographics and look cool, but really look at him! Who’s gonna take that seriously? He is rich and all, but what about musical quality and memorably music, a personality? He is pretty deluded if he thinks he has much impact on other demographics other than 12 year old girls.

    • see hollywoodscoop.com which presents Bieber’s representatives as saying they investigated the bus and found no weed; Justin is cleared.

      • Lol if Associated Press reported then it’s true! Of course Bieber’s representatives are gonna deny it. How gullible and weak minded are you smh. It’s not like it’s a big deal, they find weed in tour buses all the time and it’s close to getting legalized anyway.

      • the Associated Press is getting it’s information from the officer that made the claim who dropped further action. The associated Press is not the Bible, they have been wrong inumerable times in their reporting of news. Those who hate Justin will believe anything against him no matter what the evidence shows or does not show.

      • Here we go again with the “whole world is against Justin” crap . You really need professional help.


  5. is not justin bieber is lil twist and lil za i dont like that to put drugs on justin bieber car or something but he did not did that he is not stupid and i really didn;not believe it the rumors and lies . justin is not that stupid to do that justin bieber loves his fans and he say that hi will not doing agin so that was not hem ok polis ok is not hem he not a stupid ok i am fan and i love hem so much

  6. Calm down people. Justin isn’t a 14 year old anymore. He is going to experient and make mistakes like the rest of us. If he had grown up in the 60′s or the 80′s he probably would be stoned every day. He is not perfect. No one is.

    • see gossipteen.com for information showing this may be a setup. the story is not consistent from the police there. Bieber and his people indicate it’s bullcrap.

    • hes not a guinea pig. he doesnt need to be part of any experiment. besides, its been experimented to death. it just causes depression and laziness. avoid.

  7. OMG why don’t the press just leave him alone he did not do anything wrong just like justin said were do they get this stuff !!!!!!!!!!

  8. If it is nonsense then good. They let the bus leave for Finland so therefore it is not worth worrying yourselves about it. Any kind of smoking is bad for your lungs so I hope no one smokes anything for your lungs sake.

  9. I really miss when Justin was younger. He’s just changed so much. I understand its apart of growing up but if someone in the past had shown me how Justin is now i wouldnt believe it. The fame has gotten so much into his head i barley know who he is anymore. Its not just this particular thing its everything. Im so sorry to be saying this but im leaving. Leaving Justin. I cant take this anymore i feel like everytime i hear about things like this i brake down more and more inside. I cant take it anymore. Its been a really nice journey since 2009 and im never going to forget these days. Goodbye Justin and goodbye beliebers <3

      • Bitch i’ve been here since 2007 unlike you when you have been there for him as long as i have give me call. Im moving on with my life which your going to do someday to. Buh Bye!!!!

    • Bye but your always welcomed back when you realize he hasn’t done anything wrong but grown up. The media just blows shit up and being dramatic!

    • Im leaving too and shock for a pop star like how he is now surprised me that I didn’t notice he going to be like the worst ever I love him but too much crap going on giving me damn headache.

    • He is driven crazy by all this negative press and even some fans criticize him without knowing the facts. If I were him I would cancel everything, close my site, and enjoy my money and my life with out further agravation. Don’t forget, he was thinking about doing that a short time ago.

      • Lmao, in your own universe Bieber is this perfect boy with a heart of gold who wants nothing but to please the beliebers and keep them happy, but in reality he is a douche and will not quit his job as long as idiots like you keep looking at him as a holy figure so he can make as much money as possible, because let’s face it. People like him don’t last and it’s already showing.

    • I stopped being a belieber today i cant take this anymore. Justin isnt Justin anymore. Just some brainwashed popstar used to make money.

      • He isn’t the same person. If you didn’t know, people grow up & make mistakes. Do we know if they were Justin’s…? No ! But if they were, like @Jayla said he needs to get his sh*t together. Just because he is making mistakes doesn’t mean you should leave him, obviously you aren’t a belieber and weren’t if your gonna leave him over this. Beliebers will watch him go downhill than help him back up <3
        He isn't perfect. & won't be. & I'm not saying he didn't do drugs, when he could have…

      • So some will leave him over a possible set up as I could explain and others have noticed. Even in Perez Hilton’s site some are not believing the story of the cop. Even if true, nothing indicates Justin was smoking anything according to the cop himself.

      • Malia i have been here since 2007 and im moving on. Justin is not Justin anymore. He’s nothing more then a money making tool. You probably just started liking him this year because of his looks. None of the beliebers which have started from 2007 are gone. Im moving on dont you dare say i was never a real belieber bitch. your going to move on to trust me.

      • @Goodbye…
        Um, how about you calm the f*ck down because it’s not even that serious. I’m sorry you feel like he’s only a “money making tool” but if you’re moving on like you’re claiming to, just go. No need to lurk around a website made for his Beliebers and getting upset over shit that wasn’t even directed to you. We’re all going to have to move on from Justin eventually anyway. It doesn’t mean you’re not a real Belieber.

      • @Goodbye..
        First off all was I talking to anybody in particular ?! No. Second, how the fu*k are you going to tell me I came here for his looks ?! I have been here for him since the BEGINNING. & honestly you do need to calm the f/ck down. How dare you have the audacity to say half the stuff you say. I have been here for Justin since day one. Wow…Just STFU. -_- I can’t handle you anymore..

  10. Why experiment with drugs??? People “experiment” because it gives you a high right now that you don’t have to work for. Downside, it gives you a big fat low afterwards and is addictive. Even pot is dangerous. Dont smoke dont drink and dont do drugs. Only retards do it. And refined sugar is actually quite bad too. For shawna, she is cool and I encourage her to do drugs like heroin.

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