The Anne Frank House Responds To Justin Bieber’s Museum Visit Controversy


Reps of the Anne Frank Museum are responding to critics and comments left in a guestbook by Justin. They describes Justin Bieber’s weekend visit as “very positive.”

The Anne Frank House was pleased to welcome Justin Bieber to the Anne Frank House last Friday. We think it is very positive that he took the time and effort to visit our museum. He was very interested in the story of Anne Frank and stayed for over an hour. We hope that his visit will inspire his fans to learn more about her life and hopefully read the diary.

The Anne Frank House spokeswoman, Annemarie Bekker said:

Justin Bieber is a fan of Anne and maybe Anne would have been a fan of his. We think he meant it well. He’s only 19 years old and living in a crazy world … with all girls being fans of him worldwide. Maybe that is also why he wrote it down.

Original story: Justin Bieber wrote an entry into a guestbook at the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, saying he hoped the Jewish teenager who died in a Nazi concentration camp “would have been a Belieber” – or fan of his – if history were different.

The message triggered a flood of comments on the museum’s Facebook page Sunday, with many criticizing Justin for writing something they perceive to be insensitive. More.

  • #1 Justin Bieber fan

    Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bieber234

    I thought that was kid if him of writing a note thinking that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber. <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Yuri

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  • N. Bieber

    I read the book
    That was kind of him to take his time

    • ivan

      TMZ and others sites are instigating hatred toward him from people who don’t like him anyway. Most of them probably know less about her than he does now. He was there which is more than you can say about most of his critics. this is the most overblown smear on him yet. We have to respond to these people because his publicity people are not doing a good job at going to the media and responding to all these negative reports.

      • Rihanna

        You are truly a complete moron.

        I mean it’s no surprise Justin would think of himself when getting educated about one of the biggest tragedies when IDIOTS like you put him on a pedestral. HE WAS WRONG, just admit it.
        “We have to respond to these people” no you do not! No one would take this fanbase seriously. People like you make the few intelligent beliebers look like shit. He is a public figure, one of the most important popstars of our time, so of course such a self serving statement would get so much media coverage. Had Rihanna said it, she would have gotten a lot of negative criticism. Stop playing the victim card for once and just admit that he’s wrong. Jeez, it’s like you’re brain dead or something.
        I love Bieber’s music and him as a performer and all, and I might be a little too harsh on him sometimes, BUT at least I can think for my own. You are basically his pathetic slave. At the end of the day, the people he cares about are the ones that do not spend their entire days trying to “respond to the medias”. You just give this fanbase a bad name.

      • AULANI


      • AULANI


  • hello kitty

    i just wanna say that i think me and the rest of the beliebers on here are really noble to stand up to all these people when jb is going through all of this misunderstanding!!!!:) p.s. I LOVE U JB!!!!

  • belieberxxxx:-)


  • hello kitty

    I REALLY LOVE U!!!! But why dont u ever respond to any of my comments!! I mean me and the rest of these beliebers have stayed ur fan even though all of the well i dont wanna say this but foolish things you have done!! dont hate me for saying this cuz I REALLY LIKE U!!!!

  • hello kitty

    WE R NOT MAKING FUN OF myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HUSBAND

  • hello kitty


  • Rihanna

    The kind of backlash he is receiving is not out of place at all. The statement was very disrespectful and immature. The only reason the museum talked positively about him is because they want his fans to visit the museum too and get educated. Let’s face it, Bieber is probably the most famous young guy in the world, and this is great advertisement to the Anne Frank house.

    • David Conway

      you are a retard. get cancer. and we all know you are selena gomez. jealous witch.

  • Kimily

    I read about Anne Frank in middle school.

  • beebee

    There is a movie about Anne Frank and if I remember right she was very much into movies, movie mags, and i am sure musicians and singers of her era. It is sooo sad that media has to make something bad out of something said by Beiber that is meant to be so innocent. Media you suck and you are so jealous of Justin Beiber’s success. Just like Will Smith has said you all want to see Justin and young talent fail. I believe it is out of pure sick jealousy.

    • Rihanna

      There are much more successful people out there who don’t get even 10% of the hate he gets. I used to defend him a lot when he used to get hated on for his looks, but now he’s getting hated for being a douchebag and a disrespectful twat. If people were to get jealous of a male popstar, it would be someone like Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake. Justin can easily change people’s idea of him ( and he was doing great in 2011, he even had a music video with barely any dislikes – As Long as you love me) , now out of nowhere he’s ruining everything.

      About Anne, even though it’s true what you said, his statement is still very arrogant. Does he think he’s the only popstar in the world? Why didn’t he say she would have been a michael jackson or Madonna fan or something. He is obviously arrogant.

      • ninjagirl

        You are a sick person. He basically said he’d be honoured for her to be a belieber. YOu need to be banned from this site and shipped to a real concentration camp and die of the same disease Anne died of. Maybe you would learn not to be mean to people especially a near perfect god like person like justin. have you seen the pics of him shirtless??????

  • Nicki

    Don’t cry…..the Anna Frank House was really happy for you to visit the museum….and you were too….that was so nice for you to write a entry into the guesthouse….that’s really sweet….you wish that she was a believer..but she already is because she believe in herself, you and me…I love you

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    Not even the museum took offense to the comment. Everyone needs to get over it already! This was made into a bigger deal than it actually was. F#ck the haters, because they’re the douche bags.

  • leanne:d

    Heyyyyy stop writhing alll diszzzz bullshit becuzzz noooo 1 iz gona read it!!!! lke (hellokitty)….. n (rihanna!!! ) N da rest how are writhing all diz shit :D luv yah justin bieber ur looking!! wright at her!! me leanne :D luv yah!! dont hed da otherzz hoez!! just jelious!!!! ur sexy n yah know it!! biebz :) (stop dizz eshen for 5yr oldz!! :D

    • ivan

      Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars have admitted to drug use yet they are given a pass. Justin Bieber tries it a couple of times and it is a major scandal. People’s perception of him is media driven. A lot of what they say about him is dead wrong, distorted, or half true. I defend him because I actually check things for accuracy and I also worked in a Law office. Media coverage of him is deplorable. Russel Simmons, Pierce Morgan, and the head of the Jewish Defence organization defended him from the over the top media reports and criticisms.

      • ivan

        Let me add[I don't want to write a book] that I do criticize him for the clothes he wears at times since people criticize him for that-dress up more. Also, he has to be careful with what he does and says in public since paps are always on the lookout to catch him saying or doing something to take to gossip sites like TMZ-they love scandals; it sells.

      • Rihanna

        Media coverage of every celebrity is deplorable. Britney Spears was the main victim of the medias from 2006 to 2008 and she went through the absolute worst, Justin doesn’t even compare. Madonna was crucified for just adopting a baby and was called a baby thief for years. Mariah Carey was crucified for taking her top off in a tv show. MJ was the worst, the medias basically killed him. Lady Gaga was crucified for gaining weight. Jennifer Anniston was crucified for getting cheated on. Taylor Swift was crucified for breaking up with a boyband member. All of these went through much worse backlash than Justin’s, the only difference is that they tried to clean up their image not act like complete douchebags. If you seriously think Justin is being treated any differently from other celebrities, then you are … another one Justin’s moronic and brainwashed fans.
        The reason Bruno and Justin received no backlash over their drug use is

        1- They were not photographed while doings any substance

        2- They’re not doing anything now and they admitted to having a problem in the past

        3- Bruno did it before he was famous.

        4- Their fanbases don’t consist mostly of easily influence tweens

        How the hell did you come to the conclusion that this is the same situation?
        And if you actually learned anything from that Law office, it should have been common sense. Justin has the power to stop negative press but he doesn’t use it. Why do you care so much? Geez

  • iyana luvs justin bieber


    • ivan

      Russell Simons has been around since the days of Michael Jackson and he agrees with what I said; He should know as a prominent man in the music business. Justin Timberlake still smokes pot and drinks, he admitted it. But I hope he is trying to change. I don’t see Lady Gaga or a few you mentioned criticized with the venom and pure hatred I have seen in comments. Michael Jackson definitely was trashed in the end of his life even now by some. But who is Justifying any of this? I also defended Michael jackson. Points 1-4 are incredibly dumb but I don’t want to go on and on with this-most won’t read it as usual.

      • ivan

        Justin Timberlake admitted his drug use including possibly Lsd, a month ago. He apparently has stopped although we don’t know if he takes a puff of pot once in a while. On the other hand, Bieber only recently admitted indirectly trying pot only a number of times, but since Saturday Night Live he has stopped; nothing indicates he has tried it since. He does drink on certain occasions which he also admitted.

      • Rihanna

        Again idiot, most of Bieber’s fans are easily influenced tweens such as yourself. Most of Justin Timberlake’s fans are adults. You can’t compare an adult with an independent fanbase to a teenager like Bieber with a crowd of underrage followers waiting to jump at any chance to copy his “swag”. If this seriously doesn’t make any sense to you then you are truly blind. Don’t you see that you’re only mentioning adults and comparing them to a teenager? Of course standards are going to be different. And educate yourself moron about all those celebrities I mentioned, they all went through much worse than Justin. Hell Britney Spears almost lost her life, her backlash was worse than Michael Jackson’s one.
        Plus most of the comments I’ve seen about Justin’s weed use were supportive because he’s young and has the right to try new things and had images of Justin Timberlake doing drugs surfaced, they would have made much more headlines than Bieber. You’re basically comparing the incomparable. Had pictures of Justin smoking Marijuana not surfaced, no articles would have been written. Another factor you seem to overlook, is Justin being one of the biggest popstars right now which means he should be more careful about how he acts in public. How moronic are you, it’s crazy…

  • ninjagirl

    She died a million years ago. Justin was very kind and caring in his comment. Only nazi freaks would twist his words to give it a negative interpretation.

    • ivan

      Justin -biebs-news is reporting that Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the world famous Simon Weisenthal Center is defending Justin saying he said nothing insulting to Anne Frank’s memory. He even said that in view of her interest in pop culture and pics of Hollywood stars in her room, she might very well have been a fan of Justin. Maybe this site will post Russell Simmon’s and Rabbi Hier’s statements.

  • beebee

    I’m glad Justin Beiber took the time to sign the guest book and to visit the museum of Anne Frank. I know the jealous media keeps nipping at Justin’s heels to wear him out so he will quit the business but guess what, Greater is he that is in him than he that is in the world. The Holy Spirit………………..

  • beebee

    I also defended Michael Jackson, it was sick how the media destroyed him. That is NO lie they made Michael Jackson such a talented individual physically ill. They destroyed this light in the world. Now they are doing the same thing to Justin Beiber. Jealousy is what it is all about. Let’s face it most of us have talent but few are talented enough to really stand out from the crowd.

  • bieber00

    no comment
    but i love all
    follow me on twitter please

  • essie j

    he was just joking lol

  • bieber,s shawty forever

    ya our justin is really really greatttttttttttttttt
    i reallly love u justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so so so so so so so so so much

    • ivan

      Insults and fuzzy logic will not not deter me from defending Justin when I feel he as been unfairly and maliciously treated by the media. How many people here know of the two reports that just came out showing the media was wrong about his having more fake followers than Gaga. the earlier report was wrong. I have experience with research so I check things.

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    I read about her in middel school too.

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