VIDEO: Fans Fighting Over Justin Bieber’s Sweaty Shirt At Concert

justin bieber takes his shirt off concert

Some videos from Justin Bieber’s recent concert in Europe – Justin takes off his shirt and beliebers go nuts fighting over it.

Watch the videos:

Justin Bieber taking off his shirt in Hamburg -Believe Tour

From @beliebeinyourswag: So basically Justin, after performing Boyfriend, said it was time for him to take off his shirt, and then he talked about why he passed the security in Poland shirtless.

Then I filmed the girls that were fighting for Justin’s shirt, cause I thought it was funny, and you can see Fredo at the end with his DOPE cap.


At nottingham after justin threw his shirt in the audience the girls were fighting over it so he had to stop the concert and make sure no-one got hurt. (video above)

Justin Bieber performing the “BabyRap” and throwing his shirt

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