VIDEO: Justin Bieber’s Monkey Og Mally Quarantined in Munich Germany


Justin’s pet monkey OG Mally was seized by custom officials in Germany and quarantined after he arrived in the country via private jet. Mally was taken when Justin landed at Munich Airport to play a concerts throughout Europe.

According to reports, Justin failed to obtain the necessary documents to bring the pet into the country — including Mally’s health certificate.

German authorities give Justin Bieber four weeks to pick up his pet monkey or else it will be placed in permanent care.

Watch the video:

  1. justin i luv u and ur mine husband ok okay!!! bbzz!! :D n dat monkey og mally bieber!!! :D soo cute but not as cute as u! good looking!!! bbzz :D

  2. Well, sadly, that’s the difficulty of taking care of an animal when you’re on travel, especially a monkey. I hope he gets it back. But soooooooo cute, …it kinda looked like it was humping the bear at the end LOL

  3. i hope justin will get mally back
    justin u r awesome i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    i know u will get mally back

  4. mary txted bak she sed whoes jason i sed dunno then she sed how did she tell u i sed on justin bieber fan site she sed okkk did yah met him 2daii??

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