Vote Justin Bieber for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award


The 2013 Billboard Music Awards will celebrate the ingenuity of this year’s hitmakers with the new Milestone Award. It’s up to you to decide who wins!

The show is airing May 19th live on ABC.

Justin is up against Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Miguel, The Band Perry and Pitbull.

Click to vote Justin.

386 thoughts on “Vote Justin Bieber for the 2013 Billboard Milestone Award

  1. belieberswagger

    i think all of us vote justin. but i was thinking about voting miguel, but i love justin so much

  2. #Believe In Biebah

    STOP. Just don’t even…don’t go filling up the whole damn page talking about Miley Cyrus, where I need to scroll down so much my fingers are going to hurt. Just stop. -_-

  3. Leanne:d

    i just told u!!!!! and how do u vote becuzzz all silly thing just comezz up do u hav 2 be on facebook/twitter!!! huh!!!! no!!!!! ???.. :( :( i know it say clik here if u wanna vote 4 justin n i did dat watz da prob!! is it day or night were u live bbzz! itz night here! da time here izz 11:33 its dark u!! <3 plz reply soon!! ill hav 2 goo!! 2 bed!! soooonn!! not eath!! bzz whatz ur mom!!! n dadzname!! :D

  4. Leanne:d

    why what ya gona do? hurn me ? ha ha ha lol!!!! u are sooo!! old!!!! ur finger! hurt u creeplt old bag!!! u muth die!!! ok fat head!! :D

  5. #Believe In Biebah

    Can’t you just make a f*cking facebook and chat there all you want instead of chatting your conversations in public?! That’s all I need you to do. Damn, 12 year olds these days…smh


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